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User Info: lyon316

7 years ago#1
what kind of story are you going to create first in order to get the trophy?

my idea is pretty obvious since you can actually use one CAW infinite times in one story. that is to put myself in the game and feud with some random superstar for the WWE Championship. the one I'm leaning towards is Edge because I cannot stand him.

User Info: Suicidal_H

7 years ago#2
Bret Hart Vs Shawn Michaels survivor series match from 1997 will be the first match, but it goes with Hart winning stayin in WWE and make some new fueds and create some legends from that time for fueds and stuff too
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User Info: Gamer7147

7 years ago#3
DX vs Rated Awesome and each team recruits people. DX got faces, Rated Awesome got heels. With superstar threads, DX and Rated Awesome attire for everyone.
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User Info: Antitenant

7 years ago#4
I will probably continue the series I did in 2010. It was similar to WWE Confidential where the hosts would mention some storyline in recent WWE history and then they replay the footage from that storyline. While the stories were all fictional, some were influenced by real storylines, some were just over the top, meant to be humorous plots.

In addition to that I will probably do some stories about the history of my CAWs that I couldn't do last year.
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User Info: A_Little_Loony

7 years ago#5
Tired of being buried or ignored, the former WWECW wrestlers will take-over, with Christian and Regal leading them. Alongside is Koslov and Nig Zeke as muscle, Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu as a dominative Tag, and Zack Ryder as the eager young star, with Finlay as mentor and Shelton Benjamin as hristian's right-hand man. They're not faces or heels, merely taking out people who stand in the way.

The program will go on until Regal attempts to usurp Chrsitian as te charismatic leader, inwhich the stable will split against each other, with various WWE undercardeners taking sides, and trying to destroy the other faction while at the same time bringing down the Main Eventers.
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  3. post your create-a-story ideas here

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