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User Info: RAWRsaidthefish

7 years ago#1

On Twitter, someone asked Marcus Stephenson if Ambulance match is in and replied, No, it's not.

I know it's not very productive to say what matches are not in, but at least it helps us narrow it down.

Marcus Stephenson said, "It is a match type one of you guys have guessed already."

The three I can see are;

Casket Match

I Quit match

Lumberjack match

So, with those three most probably being the new match type, and with the "V.S Undertaker" RTWM, I'm going with Casket match, even though I have been waiting for a return of I Quit since SmackDown Just Bring It.

User Info: vinnydictive

7 years ago#2
i'm guessing I Quit...but hoping Lumberjack, that could be fun. Casket matches are lame in my opinion. :/

User Info: TheGGOA

7 years ago#3
I might like Stretcher, but I can see it being turned into a button mashing type game though like so many others.

**** Ambulance Match. When was the last time they held one? Casket would be cool, Lumberjack would be nice, though IDK how they'd do it. I Quit...I guess make it like it was in SD2. Maybe have a few variations of people saying "I Quit" to make it cooler.

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User Info: dankanefan

7 years ago#4
only thing that sucks about lumberjack is it'll only be 4 wrestlers on the outside which sucks. I hope it is I Quit out of those three, which would make sense since we know Breaking Point is in but it could also be Casket given it has been used on WWE tv a lot in the past year.
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User Info: Antitenant

7 years ago#5
I would like the Lumberjack match. You can look at it as only having 4 lumberjacks, but how many do you really need in a video game? It's not like television where they can script the actions of the lumberjacks--in a video game they're all just going to start smacking you around once you leave the ring and 4 people is really enough for that. I also think it would be fun online.

I Quit matches are cool and all, but in the end it's still just similar to the Submission match we already have. No they're not the same, but what I mean is I Quit doesn't really add an interesting new dynamic; you beat them up and eventually they can't take it anymore and they quit. Think about when the match was in SD2 (or whichever one was the last game to have it).

I don't play or enjoy Casket Matches, period. My least favorite, but most likely (?) choice.
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User Info: GrimmTrixX

7 years ago#6
well im thinking def Casket match with kane being champ and all. As long as the casket is by the ring and not in the distance in a fake graveyard then its all good.
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User Info: kidbadass

7 years ago#7
dont get all excited thinking new match. cause its most likely gonna be different backstage brawl like the parking lot or something. but it would be awesome if it is a casket match.

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User Info: vinnydictive

7 years ago#8
i really hope it's not a casket match. in all honesty (in my opinion of course) that's one of the stupidest match types ever thought up, it started a whole line of ridiculous "gimmick matches"'s when wrestling really started becoming more of a variety show. which i guess isn't necessarily a bad thing...just kinda takes away from the real technicality of "wrestling", now we have dance offs and song and dance and pillow fights and ambulance's just kinda silly, i think anyways, but each their own.

User Info: CameronJG

7 years ago#9
Cory ledesma said it's the special referee match in the E3 demo
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User Info: vinnydictive

7 years ago#10
if that's true, then it's about damn time they brought that back.
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