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User Info: Tuballcain

6 years ago#1
Ok so I've seen some whinning topics about people not wanting all the members of Nexus on the game. I've watched wrestling since before Hulk Hogan's rise to fame,back when Ric flair was only a 6 time champpion. But with all this I have never bought a Raw vs Smackdown game. Never really got into it......until now. The Nexus is a fun addition to the game,DLC or not. If your gonna put them in....put them ALL IN. This is a 2011 game...all these guys are apart of this new generation of young superstars coming out. Young,Tarver,Sheifield, Bryan, they all deserve to be apart of this game,DLC or other wise. The reason this Nexus thing worked is because of the collective actions of them all. Or did everyone forget that night they took RAW over and destroyed it.......TOGETHER. So for the millions.......and millions..(sorry big Rock fan) of gamers/wrestling fans who don't want those guys on the game. GET OVER IT. They are apart of the new generation and should be aprt of a new game.
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User Info: Antitenant

6 years ago#2
To be fair unless something big has changed, you probably won't be able to put more than 3 on a team at one time anyway.
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User Info: hellslinger

6 years ago#3
I do feel like the rest of Nexus (including Bryan) will be put in a future DLC pack. I mean they did say DLC was gonna be big and two packs adding basically adding everyone major left outside of Nexus, Bryan and maybe Kaval.
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User Info: KamiKazie44

6 years ago#4
Only 3 of them will be in the game.. The others will be released most likely lol -- There's only 3 good Nexus members to me :P.. Actually only 2 to me :P but yah.. Wade and Justin
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User Info: Amytheevil

6 years ago#5
I for one want Cena to lose and the nexus become stronger and have cena being forced to be the bad guy for a change even though he doesn't wont to.

So cena has to lose because this is the real age of orton and i'm hoping beyond hope that cena will be put into another role and this subservant roles with the nexus would be a stroke of genius in storywriting.

So like it or not this weekend will decide the future of the Nexus and Cena's coming part in the future running of the WWE i just hope the right choices are made and if so we may get a new nexus formed out of the wake of the ppv.

Just imagine John Cena the new leader of the Nexus...Dont say it cant happen The Rock did it with NOD so why not a heel turn for the Cenanation.

Now to DLC..THQ has been the worst for DLC if anything they are damn lazy and just let the fans do it all but that way we dont get any of the new clothes or moves added to the game to use when the fans have to me make it...DLC should be the biggest selling point for replayablity just like all the other game makers out there today but THQ are so lacking in this department because they are afriad they wont having selling point roster for next year if they give it to us all now.

User Info: KamiKazie44

6 years ago#6
Sorry 2 say but Cena won't lose... I hate Cena... And I want him to be a heel... But it won't happen. It was already said Nexus storyline ends in October... HIAC is in October.. And if Cena loses.. It's only cuz he is going to join and take out Nexus One by One like he said... He isn't going to be a heel xD... WWE would lose too much money..> Even tho i don't knoe how he even makes money.. He isn't even that good >.>
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User Info: Amytheevil

6 years ago#7
You really have to feel for the nexus guys then if that's the case because i dont see them being able to survive in the wwe(well most of them)without the nexus gimick..

Gabriel could he just needs alot more coaching, wade barret could because he has the charisma and can fight...even darren young may be the black john cena but they could even build ont hat gimmick and you could see a cena young tag team in the making in the future..the rest just seem to have no place to stay in the WWE unlike the second season wrestlers of nxt did.

I hope that the end of nexus is just a begining to something bigger then nexus maybe a formation of second season nxt stars and the nexus to form what pray was a faint word that mcgilicutty said his last night of nxt..The GENESIS!.

Wishful thinking but i do hope.

User Info: KamiKazie44

6 years ago#8
The current 3 Nexus stars on the SvR site are most likely staying in WWE.. Wade is because he is Season 1 winner and he has skill - Justin could for sure make it as a WWE superstar as long as he learns a bit more... Others.. Meh to me... Those are the top 2 of the group to me
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User Info: KamiKazie44

6 years ago#9
Since Nexus is on the poster of Survivor Series that can only mean they will not disband. And since Barrett's match with Cena at HiaC is a "Cena joins Nexus or Nexus disbands" match one can only believe that Cena is booked to lose his match.
new psn: x-KamiKazie44-x <-- Will be in use A LOT starting on the 26th of Oct as my main acct

User Info: Kaiser499

6 years ago#10
KamiKazie44 you're wrong about the Nexus being disbanded, the new PPV Poster for Bragging Rights shows the N in Bragging Rights to be the Nexus logo.

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