How to win inferno match

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User Info: moneymoenymoeny

6 years ago#1
I know i have to drag the opponent to the rope
but everytime i do grapple(what i expect to be a grapple) always turns out as a DDT/Suplex etc.
and keeps wasting time
I did KillSwitch
turns to 500 degrees
drag him up
try to grapple
then DDT occurs
and i do normal match...
it did a normal grapple
although i can't move anywhere
any hints/help>

User Info: Lord_Tanus

6 years ago#2
Weaken your opponent. Then when you perform a regular grapple (not a grapple on a dazed opponent) hold the shoulder buttons: L and R, (Not sure if its both but I hold both anyway and it works) and then move towards the ropes. If your opponent is weak enough then you will throw him over, once you get close enough to the ropes. If not your opponent will break free, and you will need to weaken him and try again.
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  3. How to win inferno match

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