How do you earn gold.

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User Info: Hokage-Naruto

6 years ago#1
I know people are gonna say the wheel, but after you get the gold it turns silver. I subscribe and that supposed to mean I get gold every hour which I don't. I really wanna get more character's. Please any info would be greatly appreciated!
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User Info: Gamer09e

6 years ago#2
I was wondering the same but how you get more characters besides the basics three?
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User Info: Scripts

6 years ago#3
you have to wait everyday for the wheel. atleast it is double gold atm.

i started off with 4 characters. i just picked up thor yesterday got him to level 10.

User Info: jaynarchy

6 years ago#4
The wheel resets every night around 2 am (CST). You can then Spin for more gold. If you get every space you can earn up to 300 gold per day.

User Info: Mattwo

6 years ago#5
The wheel does not reset for non-subbers
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User Info: Lone_Dino

6 years ago#6
Correct me if i'm wrong, but the game starts you off with 150 Gold right? After one wheel run through, i got exactly 300 Gold.

They have got to install an additional way to get gold. The waiting isn't too bad. But having to spin for it over & over again makes it so tedious. I'd much rather trade in my silver coins for some gold. Maybe something around 1,000 Silver = 50 Gold. Seeing as how it takes hours to get that many Silver coins, i don't see how that would be too much to ask.

I'm dying to play with She-Hulk. Right now i have:

147 Tickets
4056 Silver coins
......300 Gold coins

And it just burns because i'm free all day & no matter how much i play this game, it's not bringing me any closer to unlocking her.... Until some time in the early morning. >_<
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User Info: Scripts

6 years ago#7
they did send me a code for gold and captain america. i lost the urge to play since i maxed out hulk, thor, wolverine, spider-man, thing, ms marvel, falcon, cyclops in the beta

had about 2-3k in gold before they reset everything.

User Info: Alwc37

6 years ago#8
So if your not a suscriber, is there any way to get gold or do only "Junior Shield Agents" have that ability.

User Info: evontod

6 years ago#9
you can still by characters i whant to buy spiderman anyways

User Info: SixStringSamuai

6 years ago#10
evontod posted...
you can still by characters i whant to buy spiderman anyways

My head literally exploded after reading this.
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