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User Info: Jonny_Boyz

6 years ago#1
Overall this is my favorite golf game to date!!! Loving the first person view!!!! However there are things I wish to be added in version 1.03:

1. Primary thing I would love to see is have wrist movements on the putter when putting. This would, first of all, make it so much more realistic, and secondly prevent me from trying to get the move icon onto the screen and keep adjusting my aim. Wheras in real life I could just be altering my wrist angle to adjust for the slope of the green.

2. I would also love to see just one range on the putter instead of the four different ranges available. In real life there is one putter, and I should be able to adjust my range with just one putter. All the other clubs in the game you just have one club and you swing harder if
You want more power and vice- versa. Why did this system have to change with the putter?

3. When using the move icon on the screen to adjust for aiming I would love to see a marker on the screen to tell me which side if the screen my move icon is on when it is off the screen. As of now i have to wiggle my controller around in order to find where it is when it is off the screen. Sports champions did an awesome HUD when the move icon was off the screen.

4. After you hit the ball I would love to see a camera that follows the ball so you can actually see your fades/draws more accurately. Another view angle I would not mind is remaining in first person after you hit the ball to build on more realism. This is done when putting and I love that view.

5. The move controls when navigating the menus are too sensitive.

6. Love to have more variety in the sound affects of the ball hitting certain surfaces. Ie) trees, water, sand, and especially when the ball hits the fairway needs a lot of work. I would also love to hear a more of a ping when driving, and more of a crack when using irons.'

7. Wrist movements when using a driver to adjust for fade/drawing needs to allow more angle. As of now it is too little...

8. Would love to see the option to get rid of the yellow line. To easy otherwise, as described in another topic... However this is still an awesome and well thought out feature! Especially when putting! I love the anolog head control when in the back swing when putting:)

9. Finally, there is the problem with trying to position the ball between the feet. The method of holding the trigger and moving the controller side to side is very inaccurate and unreliable and needs to be changed. Why not while holding the trigger, use the x and o buttons to adjust where the ball is placed. That way it is so much more accurate then trying to wave the controller around. Another idea would be while holding the trigger button down while pointing down at the ball, you move your body while holding the controller static to move the position of the ball. So the camera, instead of reading the x axis for positioning, it is reading the z axis, forward and and backwards motion based on the players position. Now don't get me wrong! I love this game! And it is definetly the most realistic out there! However I would love to see the above changes!

Thanks for the amazing effort O-Games!!! Looking forward to future games/ patches in the future!

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