My FAQ/settings/analysis for the Move/Nav/Sharpshooter

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User Info: Exhumed91

6 years ago#1
After playing the beta with the Move+Nav for a good while, and playing online and off with the Sharpshooter for about six hours yesterday, I've got some opinions and facts for those of you considering buying a Move and/or Sharpshooter, and those of you who bought a Move and haven't gotten used to using it yet.

-----"What settings should I use?"-------

I use the following settings for the Move/Nav combo without the sharpshooter:
Deadzone width: 70%
Deadzone height: 60%
Crosshair speed (depends on your TV size): 10%
Turning speed: 70%
I also turned vibration off under Accessory Settings in the XMB.

These settings are pretty much ideal in my opinion. You can give or take 10% on any of the settings, but that's roughly what your settings should be. I find that if turning speed is 100% the screen moves too quickly and unsmoothly if I accidentally move the cursor outside of the deadzone, whereas 70% allows you to turn around quickly without displacing your cursor too much should your enemy wander just outside of your deadzone. However it may be possible, and advisable, to learn to play with 100% turning speed and 100% deadzones; it just feels less natural to me. You would be able to use a little bit more of your screen to shoot an enemy, but it would take a fraction of a second longer to start turning, and the turning would be less fluid. Also, I find it a little more difficult to aim at an enemy closer to the edges of the screen. It will already feel unnatural at first to point at the edges of the screen in order to turn, but you'll get used to it.

With the sharpshooter:
Width: 10%
Height: 40%
Crosshair speed: 10%
Turning speed: 90%

These settings may not be ideal; I've only had a day to use it, but I spent a solid hour tweaking the settings.

------"How's the Sharpshooter?"-------
The Sharpshooter is a lot of fun, and it's well-built for the most part. The Nav controller moves around a little bit in its cradle, but you can solve this by putting a wad of paper or tissue underneath it...or just by keeping your thumb on the joystick, which you'll have to do in order to move anyways. Does it offer an advantage over using the Move+Nav? No, not at all. I play sitting down on my bed 8 feet away from a 32" TV, and it's easier to use standing up, but the fact remains that the Sharpshooter gives you far less mobility. If you play standing up, the Sharpshooter gives you more accuracy as you can brace the stock against your shoulder, but the ideal method to play Killzone is to sit down and rest the Move controller on your thigh. If you play standing up, your arms will get tired eventually, and your aim will be less steady.

-------"So is the Sharpshooter worth buying?"--------
Well, it makes single player more fun. Keeping vibration on and using the Sharpshooter adds a lot of fun, and decreased mobility matters less since Single Player involves a lot more taking cover and shooting enemies who are also behind cover. It's linear, whereas in multiplayer you need to be able to react immediately to an enemy coming at you from any direction. I play to win in multiplayer; I mean, I just play for fun, no more than a few hours a week, but it's more fun to me to go 3:1 KDR than it is to go 1:1 using a Sharpshooter. The Sharpshooter would work more effectively for games like Gears of War that require you to take cover and shoot bigger, slower enemies, and it's the only way to play Time Crisis authentically, but even then you'll probably be more effective with just the Move+Nav combo.
I'm a PS Move fanboy. If you try playing a shooter with it and give yourself time to adjust to the unfamiliar controls you'll see why.

User Info: Exhumed91

6 years ago#2
-------"Is the Move+Nav worth buying?"-------
Yes...have you watched videos of it on Youtube? If you've used it yourself and found that you couldn't kill anyting, it's probably because you didn't spend 4 hours tweaking the settings and then getting comfortable with them. There's no question that the Move makes you more effective online, and anyone who denies it hasn't used one to play Killzone for over two hours, or is bad at videogames.

------"Turning with wide deadzones feels REALLY AWKWARD...."------
Some of you feel most comfortable using 0% deadzone width, and I think I've figured out why: You're aiming down the sights to kill every enemy as if it were Call of Duty. You NEED wide deadzones. In close to medium range encounters, it's infinitely more effective to dodge back and forth and hip fire at your enemy. This is much more difficult to do if the screen is constantly moving. Aiming down the sights zooms in, giving you a more limited view of the what's in front of you, and slows your movement. Since the Dualshock controls are slow, has a lot of momentum and not much auto-aim, strafing back and forth to dodge bullets is VERY effective, and doesn't throw your aim off nearly as much as it would if you were using a Dualshock. Get used to the unfamiliar method of turning and you'll dominate

-------"But I used 0% deadzones in Modern Combat..."------
So did I. Trust me, set them wide. In Modern Combat, hip firing is more useless than it is in CoD, so using 0% deadzones lets you move more fluidly, and since you don't need really to hip fire EVER, it doesn't matter that it makes enemies harder to hit with hip fire. In Killzone you want to hip fire at enemies who are at close or medium range. Killzone has no button to prevent the screen from moving, and the closest thing to that is aiming down the sights, which slows your movement and makes you much easier to hit.

------"I disagree with something you said!"-----
By all means, please explain why. I'm open to changing my opinion on anything I've said. My settings and preferences are based on the Move controls coded by the developer and the way the game is played; it's certainly NOT entirely a matter of personal preference. If you and I meet on the jungle level and you're using a Sharpshooter with 0% deadzones and I'm above you on a slope, you have to physically raise your gun and aim down the sights to kill me, and that takes more time than it will take me to point my little laser pointer down an inch or two and press the T button. Simple fact.
I'm a PS Move fanboy. If you try playing a shooter with it and give yourself time to adjust to the unfamiliar controls you'll see why.

User Info: MuffintopX

6 years ago#3
Nice post. I will try widening my setting back up a bit. I started with 50/50 then went to 0/0 because yes, I am aiming down the sights a lot. Have yet to go online tho so I think I'll get back to 50/50 and give that a try. Also I have a sharpshooter and am enjoying it. I do not feel like i have Less mobility per se, but I do have Much more stability, where I don't accidentally turn or start randomly spinning the camera when i try to melee. The Sharpshooter helps me keep the screen focused on the enemies and negates some of the awkward turning we are all getting used to. And there are my thoughts. Thanks for the breakdown.

User Info: arborsnow

6 years ago#4
Great post! I'm using 0/20 right now but I'm going to try some different settings tonight for multi.
psn: smeace

User Info: mjc0961

6 years ago#5

From: Exhumed91 | Posted: 2/23/2011 2:39:52 PM | #001
I play to win in multiplayer ... KDR

Objection! Winning in multiplayer has nothing to do with KDR, this is a team based objective game. You can have the best KDR and still lose, so quit worrying about that pointless statistic and go help your team win.
YOU'RE a pie chart.
(message deleted)

User Info: DianeSELWYN2001

6 years ago#7
i want it for SOCOM 4
The Thing(PS2) is better than RE: Code Veronica and RE 1-3
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User Info: Exhumed91

6 years ago#8
MuffintopX: Yes, the Sharpshooter does offer more stability than holding the Move in the air, but the ideal method for avoiding fatigue is to rest the Move controller on your inner thigh; however until your arms get tired, and before you've learned to use the Move+Nav alone effectively, the Sharpshooter does offer more stability for aiming over long distances. In close-quarters, surprise encounters where the enemy isn't in the middle of the screen, you can be a lot quicker without the sharpshooter. The disadvantage there won't be so pronounced if you're standing ten feet from a 60" TV. I'm sitting 8 feet from a 32" TV. I first tried playing on a bigger TV but I couldn't get a picture for some reason, so perhaps I'll try again later. I'm sure the Sharpshooter is ideally suited for big TVs.

mjc: I decided to start with some Guerilla Warfare, although I'll definitely get into Warzone; it was awesome in the beta. Regardless, it's a first-person shooter, and tactics can only get you so far.

BloodyRaw: Thanks for your post. I calibrated the Move in the XMB when I first got it, but not since then. My cursor doesn't drift, or if it does, I haven't noticed. I'm talking about how the screen slowly pans towards the side of the screen your cursor is on when using 0% deadzones. I'm quite familiar with that video. You'll also notice he has to drift the cursor back towards the center of the screen in order to stop camera movement when targeting an enemy on the outer edges, and his aiming is often very erratic; he'll move the cursor back and forth over the enemy in order to counteract the movement of the screen. I guess the advantage with that is that he's able to strafe around an enemy more easily.

Moving side to side is probably more effective for dodging bullets than circling the enemy as long as your enemy stays in the screen; that's why in order to dodge someone with a sword in Halo 2 you should move to the side rather than keep your enemy targeted. Rather than moving in an arc that matches the person's arc of aiming, you're moving away from the center of the person's screen more quickly.

It takes you slightly longer to flick your wrist to the left or right and then retarget your enemy with wide deadzones, but I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. That said, I'll try 0% deadzones again tonight, and attempt to use the Sharpshooter standing up with a bigger TV; I couldn't get the picture to work yesterday.
I'm a PS Move fanboy. If you try playing a shooter with it and give yourself time to adjust to the unfamiliar controls you'll see why.

User Info: Exhumed91

6 years ago#9
Oh, and I realize that if you continue moving side to side rather than strafing, there's a point where you're moving more slowly relative to the enemy's cursor, but I think it throws people's aim off a little more at first. I'm not sure how I would test that theory; it's probably different to circle around an enemy with the joystick without keeping the enemy at a somewhat-fixed point in your screen versus moving the camera as you strafe.
I'm a PS Move fanboy. If you try playing a shooter with it and give yourself time to adjust to the unfamiliar controls you'll see why.

User Info: jon_dojah

6 years ago#10
exhumed it shows how different setting can be for different setups...even the settings between my eagle3 and sharpshooter are different also


Deadzone width: 0%
Deadzone height: 0-10%
Crosshair speed (depends on your TV size): 10-20%
Turning speed: 0-20%


Deadzone width: 10%
Deadzone height: 20%
Crosshair speed (depends on your TV size): 50-70%
Turning speed: 0-20%

i haven't fined tuned the sharpshooter settings yet since i've only had it for a day and also i think removing the stock from it will affect which numbers i use
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