What's the hardest fire emblem?

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User Info: killerwhale15

7 years ago#1
Only played the gba ones myself. 6 and 7 were pretty challenging, sacred stones was a joke. The wii ones don't look too good.

User Info: Tanooki1992

7 years ago#2
The hardest is probably Fire Emblem 4 (It has only a few chapters, but most are REALLY long and not to mention it's a bit hard to make characters pair and have kids S:

User Info: _Kelsper_

7 years ago#3
FE5, personally.

User Info: MJEmirzian

7 years ago#4
Depends if you are playing for rank or not.

FE5 SSS rank is the most difficult ranked challenge.

Not sure on the most difficult non-ranked challenge but I'd suggest FE3DS on Lunatic Reverse.

User Info: emagdnE

7 years ago#5
Thracia 776

H5 and Lunatic are just stupid, Thracia 776 beats them out in actual difficulty (not to say FE5 doesn't have artificial difficulty, lolCyas)
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User Info: SuperLuigiFan64

7 years ago#6
FE5 makes all others weep in shame.
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User Info: Lukas97

7 years ago#7
I never played FE4 and FE5, so I for me FE6 was the hardest.

User Info: GreenHeroofTime

7 years ago#8
i lold at fe 4 being easy, save on every turn, overleveled sigurd at the 1st part plus broken children at the 2nd makes it the easiets fire emblem cause at least SS has a hard mode

5 is easily the hardest but is not wayyy harder than hector h mode
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User Info: Wolt18

7 years ago#9
Even on Elite Mode, FE5 is still DAMN HARD. You can't really count on FE11 H5 as difficult because of Wolf and Sedgar, but FE12 Lunatic is pretty damn close to it's difficulty.
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User Info: DarkAltair

7 years ago#10
The hardest is probably Fire Emblem 4 (It has only a few chapters, but most are REALLY long and not to mention it's a bit hard to make characters pair and have kids S:


Let's just take a look at all the reasons why that statement is absolutely bullcrap.

- Reasons why FE4 is NOT the hardest Fire Emblem game -

1. Holy weapons. Any unit that has one can completely obliterate any enemy unit who doesn't have one of their own.

2. Holy blood. The Growth rate bonuses that they grant are pretty damn significant. On top of that, it could possibly allow that unit to wield a Holy weapon if it's the right type.

3. Sigurd. He decimates everything he touches from the first chapter all the way to the end of his generation.

4. You can save at the beginning of EVERY SINGLE TURN.

5. Arena abuse is ridiculously easy.


I don't think I need to go on... the general consensus is that FE5's SSS rank run is the hardest possible challenge any FE title has to offer.
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