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User Info: gexpres5

6 years ago#1
Can we edit superstar's stats or is that a PS3/360 exclusive?

User Info: Saxon

6 years ago#2
I'm sure that too is a next gen exclusive. Besides, why would it benefit you as the player jacking up stats for an online match-up that can't happen on PS2? I mean, why would you make somebody like Cody Rhodes with maximum ability just to beat up the CPU which you can do anyway with little effort? Sure, I'm some will want to update stats when a certain superstar is getting pushed to moon, but most will just max out the stats for everybody they like and reduce those they hate like John Cena.

User Info: Vypernight

6 years ago#3

Well, the next gen systems has this available if you go online. Unless the PS 2 version can also go noline, I'd say most likely not. I'm hoping it can, and that I can transfer it from my computer via a flash card.

User Info: Ja7482

6 years ago#4
Not sure if we will be able to edit the stats although I hope so since I don't care much for the close point spread of the default wrestlers these last few years. If PS3/X360 owners are paying for a "quick unlock" of a feature that can be obtained by completing a Road To Wrestlemania then I won't mind too much although if it's next-gen exclusive I will be a bit disappointed.

User Info: acelog9

6 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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