Is it just me, or is the campaign too hard?

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  3. Is it just me, or is the campaign too hard?

User Info: jhempel

6 years ago#21
I just fnished the tutorial, haven't started the main campaign yet....I hardly ever do well in battles, so I built up a stack and auto-resolved it and won by a decent margin to complete the tutorial.

I focused on my infastructure rather than military during the tutorial, improving roads, farms, and researched things to keep people happy.

At the end I did have a food shortage in Awa though....I don't know how to stop that.

I usually suck on easy in the other TW games....perhaps I'll get frustrated with this and try going back to Empire and Napoleon....although I've only played Napoleon twice LOL, bought it when it came out too.

User Info: SnuffSevenfoldX

6 years ago#22
How do people get in debt so easily on this game?
I had a very tough time at the start, after 20-30 turns the AI would go crazy and attack me.
But...the only time i've been in debt (-32) was when it was Winter, and the AI had taken one of my provinces, tearing my trade routes to pieces.
Polish for Arkham City. Packed like Liberty City.
Crunch time. Tiring fun.

User Info: ManiusPrime

6 years ago#23
I would agree to a point that the AI does cheat, but it does seem to be somewhat relaxed at cheating. I am playing on normal which is providing a real challenge. I can't just steam roll over each clan. I need to think about how I am going to take the next territory. I personally like this. It really makes me feel like the first time I played Rome Total War, but minus a better AI. I say be thankful the AI doesn't break its alliances all the time like in Rome and Med2. It really kind of sucked.

User Info: vito-andolini

6 years ago#24
Exapnd and expand quickly. Try to make allies(although most of the time everyone seemsd to be unfriendly :( ) . Also being good at the actual battles helps where you can abuse the AI...

User Info: sethyboy0

6 years ago#25
I'm playing through a Shimazu campaign on easy right now, and I have to say that it is definitely easy. I usually just cheat my way through campaigns just for the fun of it, but I seem to not be too incompetent without a trainer/cheat engine.

I've never had a problem with food shortages as I've always watched my food counter in the bottom right before upgrading castles and markets. Usually you don't even need to upgrade castles once you get a good amount because there aren't a lot of buildings to build.

As for money, I have a decent amount of markets, and I have a full stack at every trading post but one (AI stole it early from me). I also own a lot of provinces currently, each with fully upgraded farms. At most all I have is 2 units for a garrison, and my only expensive units are with my generals conquering huge parts of Japan.

One thing to say though, is if you're having trouble with money right now, you don't want to expand too much. When you become enemy of the state, you lose out on ALL your trade routes, which is very painful if you don't have a good economy.

User Info: 1kalli1

6 years ago#26
Your problem is easy to solve. Use more skill.
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  3. Is it just me, or is the campaign too hard?

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