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User Info: ZeroXcuses

6 years ago#1
So I'm a proud player/dominator of an unmodded version of Shogun 2, and I was wondering if it were possible for other players like myself to assemble a body of knowledge concerning how to suppress/combat the inevitable Realm Divide without being absolutely crushed.

I was contemplating to myself the purpose of having vassals when you can just take the provinces for yourself and be rid of one less clan, but then someone suggested that vassals are OBLIGATED to trade with you. This is useful, because as you know in the Realm Divide, few people will trade with you, and up until I was about to win my last playthrough, trade was more profitable than my tier 3 farms (tier 4 is wayyy down there, and I was playing a short campaign).

So Vassals seem key more than allies because you are getting "double" income. Someone else also suggested to send your Vassals a little back every now and then, or even a "tribute." This will add up. I remember sending an ally 100 gold and that was just +1. Does anyone know the caps to sending money to make people like you? At 100 gold per turn, that would be +1/turn, and I'm wondering if it's +2 for 200 and so on.

Alliances mean a lot. I've had clans who are indifferent or unfriendly ally with me and that's +100 to diplomatic relations. Of course, they can always attack you (war is -140 IIRC to diplomacy), but that +100 will keep them content for awhile. Once, a clan just stopped being allies with me and I re-allied with them to renew the bonus.

Also, "dishonoring treaties" seems to be quite pervasive and permanent (never diminishes...always increases). Anyone have a list of actions that contribute to this number that are not as obvious as breaking an alliance, declaring war, breaking trade? Something like getting your ninja caught against an allied/neutral clan?
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6 years ago#2
breaking treaties penalty definitely does go down over time
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User Info: SirHaxALoT

6 years ago#3
It's annoying too. I was allied with a nation and I had a vassal. That allied nation declared war on my vassal...so I broke my alliance and declared war on my previous ally (I sided with my vassal).

So, I got like -40 for breaking treaties with a few nations. Absolute bullcrap.

The allied AI should be smart enough not to attack vassals of yours.

User Info: ZeroXcuses

6 years ago#4
MADD DRAKE posted...
breaking treaties penalty definitely does go down over time

If it does, I've hardly noticed.
Jesus saves.

User Info: Jamborinski

6 years ago#5
2 words: incite revolts

User Info: Jamborinski

6 years ago#6
Before the divide that is.

User Info: goku_cool

6 years ago#7
What i found out while playing as Oda is that if you playing a long game taking 40 province, take 18-19 prvince fast. Real divide starts wehn fame is legendary and that hapens when you take 19 or 20 province. Now focus on getting your economy up. The earlier you start the more wealth you city will have over time. The more wealth your towns have the more tax you get. Also you can stop the realm divide event by taking kyoto as your 19 or 20th province. The AI will still hate you but slowly over time instead of declearing war on you at once. Pluss i found that paying 2000 gives you 30 + and 10000 will give you 100+ in relasion.

User Info: Trev_006

6 years ago#8
if its anything like the other total war games, you can diplomacy your way out of stuff with cash. then no treaty is broken when you attack.
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User Info: buddhamonster

6 years ago#9
One way to help yourself survive is to prepare before hand. When you realize your fame is getting very close to filling up, stop all warring, and begin to build several stacks (if possible, that is). Get your fronts all secured, and if possible, have armies waiting in ambush at key choke points.

When realm divide starts, stay strictly defensive. With your ambush armies and choke points being secured, you should, in theory, be able to kill any armies the AI throws at you. With the bulk of their initial offense crushed, begin pushing forward across all fronts. Rinse and repeat until you win, taking a territory or two then holding in place to defend from the inevitable counter-attacks. The idea is to keep your armies moving forward together, and to create choke points your enemies have to pass through to defend once you move a territory or two forward.
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User Info: juiceinthebox

6 years ago#10
I've never had a problem with RD because I always build up a secure base and then develop a monster economy. By the time I'm ready to move I've usually got 8-9 balanced armies of heavily upgraded samurai and just steamroll my way right across the country with ninja support.
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