Random crashes to desktop??!!

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  3. Random crashes to desktop??!!

User Info: mbc_656

6 years ago#1
i don't remember when/where exactly they've been happening, but they seem random
the game just minimizes to desktop and doesn't respond
this started happening immediately after the latest patch, i'll be playing for about half-hour till it happens, usually when i'm on the campaign map

any help is welcomed, i've stopped playing because of this
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User Info: markymartino

6 years ago#2

Hey mate,

Yeah the same thing has been happening to me. I managed to get past the first training tutorial with it only crashing once. But the second tutorial is too long so I can't get through it without it crashing to the desktop. Then when I try to maximize it again it just wont come back up. Also, when I press ctrl, alt delete after it has crashed to desktop sometimes it says in the application manager that the game is "not responding".

Running it in direct x 9 seems to make it slightly more stable but it crashes eventually.

User Info: blackcat no13

blackcat no13
6 years ago#3
This *might* help your problem. Cleaning your registry:


Edit: It's free. Download, install, scan and click repair.

I always run this program when I'm experiencing crashes while I'm gaming. Be it Shogun 2, or another game.
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  3. Random crashes to desktop??!!

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