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User Info: BadKarma_JT

5 years ago#1
Is there a cheat for maximum tech? or picking and choosing, and getting them instantly? >.> I'd like to try some different options without having to wait ages and ages.

Is it possible to use artmoney to customize tech?
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User Info: sfcalimari

5 years ago#2
No idea but it would be nice to somehow speed up the tech tree a bit, like you could jump into Japan like around 1575 instead of 1545 and have more access to tech stuff like the various hero units. By the time I get to unlock one I've always won the campaign, either that or when I finally unlock it in the tech tree I'm so far into Realm Divide that I don't have any funds to spare to build the requisite building or hire the hero unit in the first place.

User Info: Cpt_Communism

5 years ago#3
There are a few mods from twcenter that allow you to research instantly. It would be a cheat except your opponents get the same benefit. Apparently they say it's not possible to do this only for the player or isolate any particular clan to give the effect to.

User Info: BlackScythe0

5 years ago#4
I have a mod that basically halves the time it takes for research to take place, it makes the game much harder because you end up with enemy armies running around with naginata and katana samurai very early on.

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