Broken endgame as Germans.

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User Info: Azmagutah

6 years ago#1
I've been trying to play through the German skirmish games, but whenever I reach the last defensive line, I simply can't progress. The enemy has howitzers that can't be countered. They seem to reach across half the map, and are defended by heavy anti-tank guns that will shred any tank that gets close. The howitzers basically makes it impossible to traverse the last part of the map, as they'll outright destroy medium tanks, destroy the tracks of heavier tanks, and completely rape infantry. You can't bumrush the enemy either, as capturing three points at the same time, will cause a massive counterattack.
Seriously, it's just a completey stalemate, and I don't see any way of completing these missions without covering the map in troops and just taking a ridiculous amount of losses. They could at least have given me a howitzer so I could counterattack them with their own weapon, or at the very least stop their neverending reinforcements, so they don't have spotters.

User Info: pph2102

6 years ago#2
Edit your save game, remove the howitzer. Done!

User Info: TBlair1655

6 years ago#3
What I did here was send in some infantry on a suicide mission to take out the crew of the artillery on the right side. After that I was able to safely send a tank in from that direction. I used the tank to run over the whole line of artillery and one of the howitzers before the tank was destroyed. The howitzers aren't a big problem if you keep moving.

User Info: lalinea

6 years ago#4
The game is not broken.

Every map has some sort of artillery at the back you have to figure out how to remove it.

Some maps you will have artillery of your own, others you have to out manoeuvre them with infantry down the flanks.

If you have the Jag Panther use that under direct control you will find that it has a longer range than the howitzers and you can engage them before they fire upon you.

Another tactic is too have a few snipers to get rid of the infantry without them knowing your positions this should limit your losses as if you have infantry at the very front of your lines they will be massacred.

There is always a way around them.

Just because something is difficult does not mean it is broken.
I Look Like I'm Pro But I Quit When I'm Losing To Pad My Stats - HOOFARTED
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