The micromanagement is giving me headaches!

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  3. The micromanagement is giving me headaches!

User Info: dragonslayr09

6 years ago#1
I have like 14 units of various types and each have needs, whether repairs, no ammo, lost weapon, missing gunners, irreparable and damaged vehicles, name it. And i have to see to each and everyone one by one while the enemy pounds at my position. I know war is hell but pc gaming should be heaven, right?

User Info: lalinea

6 years ago#2
No matter how organised you try to be after a while it can become a bit of a mess with stray men hanging around all over the place, Squads where half of them have no ammo.

I either just send them running at enemy positions to get rid of them or send them to a fall back position where i base a supply truck, then when there are 8 of them i rearm them and group them together again to be used elsewhere.

The tank crews I normally hide somewhere until there is a vehicle i can repair or when the coast is clear maybe they can repair there own vehicle!

My games always start perfectly organised then after about 15 mins turn into a mess, small half squads littering the map, defensive positions made up of random units with varying ammo counts!!
I Look Like I'm Pro But I Quit When I'm Losing To Pad My Stats - HOOFARTED

User Info: dragonslayr09

6 years ago#3
Yeah you're correct. Now that we've identified the hassles, i wish for only two things so it won't be too much of a hassle. These are"

1) Shorten the the reinforcement timer
2) Allow units to establish mobile headquarters so the spawning of reinforcements won't be too far from the action.

User Info: lalinea

6 years ago#4
Yeah some sort of mobile HQ would be an excellent idea
I Look Like I'm Pro But I Quit When I'm Losing To Pad My Stats - HOOFARTED

User Info: bleedingelite

6 years ago#5
Or how about some unit AI so most of them will take care of the small things on their own while you can focus on a few at a time

User Info: Motusb0b

6 years ago#6

Two things thatwill be cool;

The AI scavenge the dead soldiers around with ammo correstponding to their weapon.Or a function that the squad can remplish ammo from a supplies truck automatically.

Maybe someone with some prog and scripting skill can do it as a mod ...

User Info: POPEYE1716

6 years ago#7

I pull them back and re squad them up and resupply them and push teh attack again

User Info: dementedlullaby

6 years ago#8
The devs should stop releasing expansions and work on their engine IMO. The squads love to blob up together or run in a straight line, there is no sense of AI wanting to live.

I think with work they could make a great proper sequel. Right now Assault Squad is 10 bucks, I'm thinking of grabbing it.

User Info: conti027

6 years ago#9

Did the 1.90.4 make it any better? I can't play cause all the bugs and the random frame drops. I like the game just isn't playable for very long.

User Info: Cobra5

6 years ago#10

Basic unit AI would be great. For example if you tell a squad to move and they are blocked by a fence, they will go around the loooong way. Why not just hop the fence? You need to tell them to do it manually. So if you do tell them to do it manually, they all stack up single file and jump it at the same point one at a time, making them a very easy target. Maybe laying down if they get shot at.

Little things like, when not under fire, picking up ammo off the ground or redistributing ammo within a squad (Say, two guys with garands, one guy has a ton of ammo and the other is low... certainly he'd ask his buddy for some)

It is a great game but these little things can be frustrating, I agree.

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  3. The micromanagement is giving me headaches!

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