Beating Rajani

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User Info: RaZoR1103

5 years ago#1
So i'm playing as lucas and have a pretty good claymore ( i believe i'm level 8 or 9) i'm trying to fight her and she just keeps slaughtering me...btw i have i believe 3 ranks in hemmorage and 3 or 4 in wind shear. Any thoughts on a better way to fight her i thought i beat her but she apparently has a resurrection or two life bars atleast

User Info: CBrate

5 years ago#2
Don't stand around when you're taking damage.
Learn to dodge. Learn to use his dash.
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User Info: Unit3d

5 years ago#3
study her patterns, use block when you have a good chunk of focus just as she's doing her combos then whack her repeatedly as a counter-attack to fill up your focus bar again. rinse and repeat.

User Info: StonerJack

5 years ago#4
You pretty much want to abuse the hell out of your healing spell for this. If there's any time when it's NOT activated during this fight, dodge out away from her and put that **** to use.

Especially after she falls the first time and comes back in fire form.
The advantage the second form gives you though is when you smack her around a bit, she'll teleport elsewhere and buy you a few seconds to activate it without running from her.

Your Sword/Shield stance here is a godsend. And of course you want to spam that stunning attack like it's your damn day-job.

If your weapon has momentum, this is a plus.

You can normally get away with 3-4 normal attacks then hit the shield stun thingie. If your healing spell has been active this whole time (and you've put points into the healing spell special that gives you health when your attacks hit) you should be able to withstand any attack she makes right up until she teleports out of reach.

Rinse and repeat.
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User Info: ericcarter

5 years ago#5
I found with Lucas having lighting strike is a better option than hemoage. Make sure to have sheildwall hit it, attack for a bit at about half health hit your heal. I like sticking with normal attacks during the first phase for the most part and stay on the move. During the second phase spam the blade dash then stick her to load focus back continue to use sheildwaall and heal and stay on the move. Its a bit of a fight but it can be done. I did the 2 trophies (don't heal and starting gear) figting her (normal). Main thing is keep moving, most of her attacks are avoidable if you stay on the move.

User Info: Zombutch

5 years ago#6
The trick with Rajani (2nd form) is to never leave her alone for 2 seconds. Stay close to her so that she casts no magic. When she teleports, move to her again with L2+Move. Lucas has it easy as "heroic charge" can be used as a mean of fast-transportation. Just go at the center of the room and use heroic charge to be moved at Rajani's new location at godspeed. If you have 5 x Executionner Charge, the last half of her health won't last long.

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