what is the best deck in the world?

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User Info: pwkeyblade951

6 years ago#21
In both real life and in the game I run Machinas with Gadgets and Cyber Dragons.

User Info: da_beer

6 years ago#22
I'd say any deck with Stardust Dragon and Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode. I love being able to counter just about any move, and with the right cards, I can get Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode out on the second turn. IRL I run a synchro deck, but it still uses Stardust Dragon and Assault Mode (not as good as my original synchro deck that got stolen).
Mr. D.A.Beer

User Info: Desgaron

6 years ago#23
Herald of Perfection lockdown
SoulSilver FC: 1248 1220 9117

User Info: TowerBooks3192

6 years ago#24
I believe that there is no best deck in the world since all decks have a weakness. I guess its just a matter of preference and to what purpose you want to use your deck.

User Info: X_Zack_Hiro_X

6 years ago#25
my flex-deck :P (synchro swarmed the field with no cards on the field and only dandylion, one-for-one and debrisdragon...got shooting star, draco equiste, brionac, one fluffy token and black rose on the field...i got honested and lost :D)

k serious now:
anti-meta (currently: D.D. and/or special summon lockdowns/counters and/or anti-synchro)
and if your anti-meta-deck depends more on D.D., it's generally tough

besides that:
for the moment gusta or gallis-FTK (i prefer gallis, for now)

gusta (or gusta-mindmaster-loop):

gustas are generally awesome, cuz they keep recycle themselves back to your deck, which makes yourself almost invincible against attacks (piercing dmg could be a problem, though) it also benefits with beast- or psychic-type supporting cards (overdrive teleporter ftw)
and of course there's the mighty "mindmaster" - gusta-loop = win if well played
synchro swarming the field is really easy with that type of deck (even withouth mindmaster...you barely need him to be honest...so it's still a pretty good deck, if the next banlist will be released)

gallis-FTK (or orange-gallis):
this deck is surprisingly flexible and needs a good deck-building-skill to be a successor, but once it will come in speed, it will own
the main target of this deck is of course FTK (or at least OTK) your enemy, by using gallis, the star beast's effect over and over again (koaki meiru doom ---> genex-ally-birdman ---> gallis ---> finest ownage)
and the most powerful part about that: you only need 3 cards for this combo and everyone of them does not have any restrictions (yet) and if you are lucky enough to draw them in the very first turn - win - no exceptions
but what will you do, if you won't draw them in the first round/s? cuz we want to get sure to gallis your enemy our deck is now just orange D: !?
do not let yourself down! no spell or traps are not automatically your doom! if you are under pressure ---> gorz
if you're afraid of traps ---> jinzo
put some tuners, quickdraw-dandy, treebornfrog and/or monarchs in there and you will be busy for some time
the're also defense/wall monsters and/or searchers/drawers
it's just awesome (till the next banlist...)

phew! that was a bestseller i just wrote!

User Info: Axccel

6 years ago#26
Infernities forever
Come on... Kiss the Gun
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User Info: X_Zack_Hiro_X

6 years ago#27
about the gallis ftk: just saw something AWEsome: instead of koakimeiru doom ---> genex ally birdman ---> gallis, he summoned armageddon knight ---> plaguespreader zombie ---> brionac ---> gallis and looped brionac & gallis
half of the guys deck was 10 - 12 star monsters and to have enaugh cards to discard for brionac, he added cards like volcanic shell

together with genexally-koakimeirudoom combo, that deck is now like ownownownownown
about 50/50 chance to ftk and with every draw(turn) your chances raises about 8% to OTK..well if your opponent don't decide to counter

User Info: MisterYao777

6 years ago#28
"Infernities forever"

Agreed. Damn Sept. 2010 Banned/Restricted list.
"It mostly comes down to the fact that if you're close enough to touch Batman's cape, you're already unconscious. " - buddhamonster

User Info: tank382

6 years ago#29
There is to many decks that are hard to beat. There is e-hero, blackwing, burn, warrior, dragon, a deck base on a attribute, a lockout deck, lightsworn, a deck that returns cards to the hand, ice barrier, a synchro deck, and many more. It is all about what people want to use.
you got two choose kill yourself or kill yourself what are you going to pick and
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User Info: LeoforceBX22

6 years ago#30

MisterYao777 posted...
"Infernities forever"

Agreed. Damn Sept. 2010 Banned/Restricted list.
"It mostly comes down to the fact that if you're close enough to touch Batman's cape, you're already unconscious. " - buddhamonster

Thunder king oppression kills that deck. They were dead before the sept 2010 list

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