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User Info: Auron91

5 years ago#1
Hello everybody. I'm currently working on a Dino deck (I've always been a beatdown style duelist) and I was hoping to get some feedback on this deck I'm working on. Right now, it's really gaining me a lot of wins in game, but I want to make it better. Thing is, I have cards in my side deck that I think can work better than what is in my main deck.

One note: I don't have multiple Fossil Digs available to me (packs are stingy).

Deck Recipe: Rampage (Dino/Jurrac Deck).
Monsters: 22
3x Destroyersaurus: Useful for getting out Jurassic World or just for a beatstick.
2x Gilasauruses: Used to punish my enemies along with either survival instinct or Super Ancient Dino-beast. Also makes for decent synchro fodder.
1x Jurrac Aeolo:
2x Jurrac Dino: The draw power usage is too tempting, especially since my decks tend to be sluggish.
1x Jurrac Gallim
2x Jurrac Guaiba
1x Jurrac Monoloph Just there for the attack all aspect and a back-up tuner.
1x Jurrac Ptera
2x Jurrac Aelo: To be honest, I barely get this guy's effect off. I just play him for offensive purposes with the effect being a lucky break sort of thing.
1x Miracle Jurassic Egg: Between this and babycerasaurus, I get this effect off more than the other.
1x Sangan

1x Jurrac Herra
1x Jurrac Spinos: Love that "feeding time" aspect of his effect.
2x Super Ancient Dinobeast
1x Super Conductor Tyranno

Spells: 12
1x Big Evolution Pill: I use this card, but I don't use more than one because with my deck as is now, I almost never have the dino to use for the effect.
1x Fossil Dig: I only have one because the packs seem to be really stingy with giving me another one.
1x Foolish Burial: Used to get Herra in the graveyard.
1x Heavy Storm
1x Instant Fusion
2x Jurassic Worlds
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Nobleman of Crossout
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Trade In: Throws out one of my higher leveled dinos I can't special summon at that moment.

Traps: 8

1x Battle Mania: Force them to attack my dinos. Works nicely with Ojama Trio
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Fossil Excavation:
2x Hunting Instinct: Combos with Gilasaurus for special summoning punishment.
1x Mirror Force
1x Ojama Trio: Helpful if I have a dino ready to rip them apart.

Total Cards: 42

EX Deck: 15
1x Pragtical
1x Bracchio Raidus
1x Ally of Justice: Decisive Armor:
2x Flamvell Uruquizas: Played for Piercing effects
3x Jurrac Giganoto
2x Jurrac Meteor
2x Jurrac Velphito
1x Mist Wurm
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
1x Thought Ruler Archfiend

Side Deck: 15
2x Cyber Dragons: I'm really thinking of putting them in the main deck over Jurrac Aelo
1x: Tyranno Infinity
1x: Hyper Hammerhead: Nice effect, not used often.
1x Jurrac Protops
1x Krebons: LPs aren't much of a worry to me unless I'm below 2000.
1x: Survival Instinct
1x Plaguespreader Zombie
1x Pot of Avarice: I tech this card because my deck revolves around special summoning along with the beat-down element. Early play-testing found that I can't afford that second effect drawback.
2x Shrink
1x Jurrac Titano: When he works, he works. It's just that restriction that I can't special summon him hurts me a bit.
1x Mausoleum of the Emperor

In conclusion; that is my deck. I'm not above restarting my deck from scratch if I need to. Thanks for the help in advance!
"It always feels like the fans read way more into the story than even the developers do."--Karma Cow

User Info: Kaze_no_Ou

5 years ago#2
try evoldo, is that what its called

User Info: Auron91

5 years ago#3
Are they in this game? I just checked and it seems like Evoldo series are in the next gen Xezal.

Let me clarify (because I think this forum also goes into real games), I want to get help fixing this deck for in-game purposes.
"It always feels like the fans read way more into the story than even the developers do."--Karma Cow

User Info: thebobevil

5 years ago#4
No Evoldo are not in TF5, and when asking for deck help, make sure to specify from the start if the deck you want help with is in-game or IRL.
Apparently, speaking my mind is trolling. Apparently, not tolerating trolling is trolling. Apparently, not being an American teenager is trolling.

User Info: Ianstein

5 years ago#5
Evoldo cards aren't available in Tag Force 5.

I'd recommend updating your banlist to the latest one available to have access to Monster Reborn, Dark Hole and 2 Mystical Space Typhoons.

Do you plan on sticking with a Jurrac theme? If so, I would run Molten Destruction over Jurassic World.

All fixes are based on the assumption you're running with the Jurrac theme.

-3 Destroyersaurus
-2 Jurassic World
+3 Molten Destruction
+1 Terraforming
+1 Jurrac Guaiba

Guiaba should be at 3 at all times since it's your main synchro summoning tool.

-1 Jurrac Gallim
-1 Jurrac Ptera
+2 Jurrac Protops

Protops is a personal favourite of mine and I don't really see much use for the other two other than being search fodder for Sangan.

I want to fit Jurrac Tyrannus in here but not really sure what to drop for it other than Super Conductor Tyranno.

Fixes won't be the best but it should do until you have more cards available to you.

User Info: irishpride19191

5 years ago#6
If you are looking for an in-game Dino Deck. Try pure Jurracs. They have worked the best for me. Here is the decklist. It uses the March 2010 List but if you are using September's List, just replace Brain Control and Heavy Storm with Dark Hole and monster Reborn.

Monsters (20)

1x Destroyersaurus
3x Jurrac Aeolo (It's a mini Monster Reborn for Jurracs)
3x Jurrac Dino (Draw power is good)
3x Jurrac Guiaba (The Flamvell Firedog of Jurracs)
3x Jurrac Stauriko (The Dandylion of Jurracs)
2x Jurrac Titano (Main boss monster)
2x Jurrac Tyrannus
3x Jurrac Velo (Jurrac searcher)

Spells (11)

3x Fossil Dig (Jurrac ROTA)
1x Giant Trunade
3x Jurassic World
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Solidarity

Traps (9)

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x DImensional Prison
2x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
1x Return From The Different Dimension
1x Solemn Judgment

Synchros (9) - Add more if you like but because it is a Solidarity build, it will conflict with it, but it works for me

3x Jurrac Giganoto (This card is awesome and leads to so many OTK's)
3x Jurrac Meteor (You will rarely get this out but it is still good)
3x Jurrac Velphito (This card is ok, really Giganoto is the only one you would need, but I put it in here just to support more of the archetype)

Try it out and I hope it works

User Info: Kaze_no_Ou

5 years ago#7
try tf6 its like 2 days away

User Info: thebobevil

5 years ago#8
Kaze_no_Ou posted...
try tf6 its like 2 hours away

Apparently, speaking my mind is trolling. Apparently, not tolerating trolling is trolling. Apparently, not being an American teenager is trolling.

User Info: Kaze_no_Ou

5 years ago#9
bub we both know thats so far from being "fixed" that only a 10yo would accept it.

try tf6 its like [0 hours] away.
is how its done. Gotta do it right, remember, when they avoid there homework they come here.

5 years we'll be seing essays start off with "inb4" etc.

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