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User Info: Vicious7

6 years ago#1
Only 2/3 of the way through Gen 1, but stuff I found useful...

- Hold R2 for combat fast forwarding during the monsters turn (had the game freeze on me once now while doing, so save often)

- O+X buttons to get out of most screens

- Wander around the regular world map and you sometimes come across sparkles on the ground, walk up to it and press X to (usually) get a choice on some items on the ground

- You get a wait bonus for timing your square / triangle / X / O attacks which can be very beneficial in extended fights. Personally I use a combo of audio and visual cues because slow down / lag messes the timing up while some attacks don't really have audio cues / hard to differentiate audio cues.

- I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but during Ultimate Strike (after breaking your opponent), I just mash square / triangle / X / O at the same time, seems to do the most damage.

- After the Ultimate strike, once you learn a Final Strike (you don't get your first Final Strike until roughly 1/2 way through Gen 1) you can trigger it if you have UP available. Does way more damage than a regular UP attack, so it's often better to save the UP if you're able to trigger it after Ultimate Strike.

- This took me a while to figure out (confirmed on wiki) to trigger combination attacks you have to have a certain amount in your motion gauge, then whatever S skill you set gets replaced by the C skill you set below it. So only once your gauge hits a certain amount, then the combo will be available for use.

Ripped from wiki:

(regular) S skill | a | b | c |
(combo) C skill | - | n | - |

No guage: a -> b -> c -> a -> b -> c ...
With guage: a -> n -> c -> a -> n -> c ...

So once you have enough guage, whatever combo skill is under your regular skill in the Skill setup screen replaces the regular skill.

- Look at the timeline with the portraits above and divide out your attacks according if you want to quickly kill monsters.

So if the portrait looks like, with Vice being the initial leader:

Vice | Eva | Fiona | Monster 1 | Janus | Monster 2

If you select everyone to attack at once Vice + Eva + Fiona + Janus, you will get one long round of attacks, followed by Monster 1's attack then Monster 2.

Attack sequence:
Vice + Eva + Fiona + Janus
Monster 1
Monster 2

The problem here is often you don't want the Monsters to get their attacks in because they'll target say Fiona and kill her out right.

However, if you select Vice + Janus only for the first attack (and de-select Eva / Fiona), do your attacks, then the very next turn you get to start with Eva, make her leader if your formation is messed up, and now attack with Eva along with the two you used previously (so say Eva + Vice + Janus). On the next turn Fiona will be able to attack, during which you can now switch Fiona to leader, and attack with Fiona + Eva + Vice + Janus. Only caveat with Fiona's turn to attack is if you have stacked up a lot of Wait, then her turn may get pushed back after Monster 1 and even Monster 2, so you need to be aware of that.

Attack sequence:
Vice + Janus
Eva + Vice + Janus
Fiona + Eva + Vice + Janus
Monster 1
Monster 2

Also, because you're using your characters multiple times, if you don't kill the monsters right away, you will amass a lot more Wait, meaning the Monsters may get several turns in a row after your initial turn. So this is only a good strategy during fights where you can overwhelm an enemy quickly or enemies continue to pop up during combat and you need to clear them out quickly before they can stack their attacks.

User Info: donutmanstorm

6 years ago#2
Some of this stuff is useful.

But, explain to me what waiting does lol.

It's been bothering me forever.
Playing: Record of Agarest War 2
Waiting:DS2, KZ3

User Info: Vicious7

6 years ago#3
The more you use your character (attacks, abilities, etc) you gain more Wait.

There are two consequences to wait as far as I know, (from playing and reading the instruction manual):

- If the Wait for a certain character reaches Max, your character is stunned for a bit and cannot attack or use abilities.

- There's a timeline on the top right of who attacks in what order, including monsters.
If you gain too much Wait during an attack round, you'll notice your portrait in the timeline in the top right corner gets pushed back, sometimes behind others.

ie: Timeline:
(current attacker) Janus -> Vice -> monster A -> Eva -> Victoria -> monster B

Say Janus + Vice attacks during Janus's attack round, but only Vice attacks, which earns Vice a lot of Wait.

Now according to the timeline, Vice should be up next for an attack round, followed by monster A:
(current attacker) Vice -> monster A -> Eva -> Victoria -> monster B -> Janus

However, because you gained so much Wait with Vice, the monster A's turn comes before Vice's, pushing Vice's attack round back.
(current) monster A -> Vice -> Eva -> Victoria -> monster B -> Janus

Now lets say you gained a LOT of Wait, a particular character(s) turn can be pushed WAY back, causing you to miss more than one attack round.

(current) Vice -> Eva -> Victoria -> Janus -> monster A -> monster B

During Vice's current attack round, you use Vice + Eva, then use Eva + Vice + Victoria for Eva's attack round, then use Janus + Vice + Eva + Victoria for Janus's attack round. You would think then, your timeline would look like this after the last attack round:
(current) monster A -> monster B -> Vice -> Eva -> Victoria -> Janus

But instead it looks like this:
(current) monster A -> monster B -> (blank space) -> (blank space) -> (blank space) -> Vice -> Eva -> Victoria -> Janus

Where the (blank space) is a significant gap in the timeline portraits between monster B and Vice. So monster A and monster B, as long as they don't gain a lot of Wait too, will get 3 attack rounds before your turn comes around again.

There are enemy attacks that I believe add to your Wait, and of course there's the precise timing of attacks so you get Wait bonuses as I explained in the previous post.

Also, from what I've read on forums, AGI affects Wait. For instance if one character has low Wait, and another character gains a lot of Wait but has high AGI, the character with high AGI could still still get their turn first even though they have less Wait than the other character.

Anyone can feel free to correct me, but I'm pretty sure that's the gist of what Wait does.

User Info: Byuusan

6 years ago#4

no, your wait explaination sounds about right

User Info: Prototype909

6 years ago#5
Where exactly IS the motion guage that supposedly indicates when you can do combination attacks? Do you just build it by getting multiple hits?

Also, I have no idea if what I've been doing in battle is right but I've done attacks that include

- Vice and Eva jumping back and shooting a shockwave at the enemy
- A giant chain coming out of nowhere and impaling the enemy, and switching my attacks to "Stun"

Are those combination attacks?

User Info: Byuusan

6 years ago#6

Prototype909 posted...
Where exactly IS the motion guage that supposedly indicates when you can do combination attacks? Do you just build it by getting multiple hits?

Also, I have no idea if what I've been doing in battle is right but I've done attacks that include

- Vice and Eva jumping back and shooting a shockwave at the enemy
- A giant chain coming out of nowhere and impaling the enemy, and switching my attacks to "Stun"

Are those combination attacks?

Yes those 2 are some of the lowest combination attacks. I personally dont know how to make them activate at your whim, but constant attacks while meeting the combination attack requirement for each party member as well as certain time frames will eventually make them work. You're at the point where meeting those requirements can be very difficult, so i wouldn't worry about them till you can get more attacks from the training dojo (Tranlation error?)

User Info: Vicious7

6 years ago#7

Top left corner, there's a meter around the orb with the remaining AP counter in it.

If you link attacks (with Wait bonus) and do enough damage, you'll notice the meter going up. Once it hits a certain level, the Combination attacks will start to get substituted for the Regular attacks next to your characters portrait (see the other post I made above).

If the meter fills up, you'll notice you get bonus AP (and I think SP, not sure about this one), as indicated by the counter on the far right of the screen (along with the SP bonus and Wait bonus counter).

You'll also notice if you fight something that constantly dodges your attacks or you barely do damage to it, your meter won't go up, and your Combination attacks will not appear for use.

In fact, you'll also notice if you keep failing to do damage or if you keep missing your Wait bonus links, the meter goes down, and once it drops to a certain level, you'll see that even though it was showing the next possible Combination attack next to your characters portrait, because the meter dropped too low the Combination attack reverts back to the Regular attack.

I'm still fuzzy on what the various colors in the meter mean though.
The usual one seems to be green?, I've seen pink?, and also when an enemy is hitting me, the meter is dark blue, which I assume is the Combination meter for the enemy.

When you do your Ultimate Strike, the meter seems to act like a timer? on how long you have on the Ultimate Strike but I'm not really sure if this is the case.

Oh, and the two attacks you mention are Combination attacks that replace the regular attacks.
The giant chain is Snatch (I think), it's the one that triggers Steal.
The jump back and shoot is Sonic Wave most likely.

User Info: Byuusan

6 years ago#8

the color of the meter is determined by which button your using after you guard break. No really. Triangle tend to be Green, X is Blue, square is pink. The meter also resets when you change attack moves.

User Info: Vicious7

6 years ago#9

LOL............... so that's it, so simple!
That didn't even occur to me it was the button colors.

No wonder my meter tends to be green / pink a lot since I use triangle (green) and square (pink) attacks most often.

User Info: Vicious7

6 years ago#10
Enemies seem to stop using their special skills, the really big AoE attacks, after they do it a few times. So if a boss is destroying me with a special AoE attack, I just let them kill off characters / revive tgen / just try to survive for a bunch of rounds and they'll simply stop using the attacks even though they have lots of points left to do them. I get a crappy "I" ranking because it takes a long time, but it makes killing bosses really easy...

Does this happen on Hard difficulty?

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