hollow bastion system sector?

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User Info: AMD91

6 years ago#1
How do i toss heartless into the air??
I tried the rising strike but it doesnt work, so please someone tell me how to toss them in the air and thanks in advance.

User Info: Raltzer

6 years ago#2
Aero magic to start. You could also try Aero Counter, which you get from an Overclock ability. Just find an enemy and beat them up/block their attacks all day until you meet the quota.

User Info: Hirokey123

6 years ago#3
I prefer wind tracer myself.
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User Info: khlexaeus

6 years ago#4
Lady Luck+Ethers

User Info: 13_Master_X

6 years ago#5
Lady luck+single attacks+waiting for the clock bar to drain.
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User Info: NorthernDruid

6 years ago#6
Aero-block + round block + clock gauge charge on block.
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User Info: Jessta1

6 years ago#7

I find that cyclone is almost garunteed to air toss them, for me at least

User Info: FF_4ever

6 years ago#8
aero block is the way to go. later on, you'll OHKO everything u attack. at least i did.

User Info: MD_Level

6 years ago#9
Killing everything in one hit is the exact reason I used Aero Block for this challenge. I was NOT about to get screwed by running out of Heartless again.
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