Million Dollars

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User Info: mrsfun

6 years ago#1
Anyone able to get this? Thanks in advance

User Info: taylorjsmith

6 years ago#2
ive made it to the bonus round with the million, but didnt land on it

User Info: Xalde

6 years ago#3
I got the million dollar prize on my first time getting the million dollar wedge =P

User Info: friendlydude

6 years ago#4
just like in real life... I'll believe it when I see it! :p

User Info: mrsfun

6 years ago#5
What wedge was it?

User Info: Mayonesa

6 years ago#6
My boyfriend won it on the first day of us playing it.
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User Info: LuigiSan

6 years ago#7
Got it today, on the first time I landed on the MDW.
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