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User Info: wvurocks

5 years ago#1
Is anyone still playing this? I played it a little when it came out but didn't get very far before I started playing some of my other games.

User Info: GamersLoft

5 years ago#2
I was born and raised in Beckley.
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User Info: wvurocks

5 years ago#3
Sweet! I have family in Wood County and Greenbrier County

User Info: Reikken

5 years ago#4
I played the demo today
I was both impressed and disappointed. Nice atmosphere and visuals and characters and dialog choices and so on. and flying? cool. And great character customization, both in appearance and combat specializations. However the combat itself was very underwhelming. turn-based in the classic JRPG style is a bit slow for my liking. Also I read a couple of GFAQs reviews a few minutes ago and apparently the combat doesn't get any more difficult. I thought it was just easy because it was the first few encounters, but apparently not. That combination is a more or less game-breaking flaw for me, which is very disappointing because I really liked the rest of what I saw.

User Info: wvurocks

5 years ago#5
I've always enjoyed turn based RPG's, but that is what I grew up with.

User Info: wvurocks

5 years ago#6

User Info: wvurocks

5 years ago#7

User Info: Lazy Jones

Lazy Jones
5 years ago#8
I haven't played for a while but I played all the way through the game, and I'm checking back to see if any info gets posted about another game.

I agree the combat is kinda lame, but the adventuring makes up for it. Flying adds a whole other level of exploration, it's a good game. Worth it if you ask me.
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