C/D The 3DS should have some way to watch movies

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User Info: Teranova310

7 years ago#1
Been there, done that. Wait what, something new ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
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User Info: 765351

7 years ago#2
C. That way l can watch my bible black and other shows on the go

User Info: fire2box

7 years ago#3

though it most likely not happen officially.. i have no doubt it will happen unofficially and by somewhat sketchy means. It would be nice if they would let you watch your own AVI/Divx/DPG videos. Though I'd perfer a AVI file viewer.

User Info: K3wlness

7 years ago#4
C. Who wouldn't want this?

User Info: mica_x9

7 years ago#5
Doesn't really matter. I prefer watching movies on a big screen.

And to have "some ways" to watch it on the 3DS, why not just watch it on you pc?

User Info: BIGLlittlel

7 years ago#6
It would be stupid of Nintendo to not include various features such as this, considering they are competing with Apple and Sony, which both have a robust amount of multimedia features.
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User Info: TheFantasticMrS

7 years ago#7
3D movies on the go? Sounds like win to me.
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User Info: GamerJM

7 years ago#8
C, but that "way" should be flash support in its internet browser :P.
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User Info: radelgirl

7 years ago#9

From: TheFantasticMrS | #007
3D movies on the go? Sounds like win to me.

My thoughts exactly
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User Info: grans

7 years ago#10
I don't agree that they NEED it, no. If anything, it would be a nice afterthought, but we've clearly got a lot of people who sadly forget that these are game systems. One reason the PSP wasn't as popular as it should have been was their focus on media instead of good games at first. I'd probably not use the movie feature, i never liked watching movies on a tiny screen much. I enjoy actually playing games on a game system.

We'll see though, might be interesting to see 3D movies. The handheld doesn't NEED movie support though, don't kid yourself. And Nintendo is hardly competing with Sony or Apple after they stomped them into the ground. Whoever would refuse to buy the system because it can't play movies is simply a fool and has forgotten that it's a game system...
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