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User Info: Nev47

7 years ago#1
I'm guessing somewhere along the lines of $200?

User Info: DeuxHero

7 years ago#2
Five hundred ninety nine you-ess dollars!
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User Info: jackie1st

7 years ago#3
yeah i think $200-$250

User Info: Average_Gnome

7 years ago#4
i was just going to make this topic, thanks :D

User Info: Sarick_Lyre

7 years ago#5
Could be $300 or more. I say this in every topic people make about this that I can be bothered or accidentally clicked in.

Not that it helps at all to mention this because everyone who will do it will just not read this because they never looked for it.

User Info: Kadiroth

7 years ago#6
The real question is, how much would you pay for this bad boy?
I'd pay 250 at MOST.

User Info: pakathecat

7 years ago#7
I think that is what Nintendo will be asking too... how much will people pay for it before the pricing really impacts sales? That is why I'm going on the high end, $249 I'm guessing. With everything I'm reading being so positive and it looking like it could be a huge hit, I think at that price demand will be such that they will still fly off the shelves.

And if they manage to release it in time for the holiday season, I'm thinking it will go for a lot more than that online, since supply at first probably won't be close to demand and you'll have people grabbing them up to resell. I just hope it isn't a Black Friday release; really hoping to avoid those crowds this year, haha.

User Info: grans

7 years ago#8
They'd be extreme fools to price above $200, and they know this. They realize one of the draws of their handhelds is the price, and they aren't about to blow that and jack the price up to larger proportions. That would likely turn many gamers off, and i may not even purchase the system if it's far above $200.
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

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