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User Info: ToastIsWoosh

7 years ago#1
Right next to DS. :D

User Info: PwNeRsHaTe

7 years ago#2
they really shortened that list

User Info: Nomchan

7 years ago#3
And it begins...
Final Fantasy XIII Defense Force
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User Info: mrfatcat

7 years ago#4
'bout time. But they removed the Xbox and Gamecube.
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It there a problem?

User Info: rotate1991

7 years ago#5
Yep, just saw it :D We're on par with Sony.

User Info: NME_Enterprises

7 years ago#6
Deserves to be up there.
Glory to the Soviet Union. - Travis
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User Info: PSPmasta

7 years ago#7
I am surprised they kept the PS2 tab, but yeah, they REALLY shortened the tabs.

User Info: hansolo1138

7 years ago#8
I noticed it too. RIP Gamecube, Xbox.
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