Not bashing this but...

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User Info: d_j_c_0_0_7

7 years ago#1
... isn't this 3DS a bit too soon? I mean, I'm still waiting on DSi games to come out for my DSi which I'm enjoying very much. I thought the 3DS was a joke when I first heard about it, does anyone else think Nintendo is jumping just a little bit too far?
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User Info: kawouter1

7 years ago#2
The DS is almost 6 years old.. So it's not to soon..
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User Info: PwNeRsHaTe

7 years ago#3
Well considering that the dsi isn't a new system, but a new model. No

User Info: CLaN Ruler

CLaN Ruler
7 years ago#4
Six years since DS first came out. I'd say it's a good amount of time for this release. It's not like DS games are going to stop being produced.

Nintendo did announce that Dragon Quest and Golden Sun for the DS will be released in the coming months.
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User Info: Hyrulesaver123

7 years ago#5
Nintendo said THEY weren't making any DSi specific games so stop waiting for a worthy DSi exclusive title. But honestly, sell your DSi. This thing is totally worth it.

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User Info: xoftheuniverse

7 years ago#6
Chances are it will use a dsi ware type program... my guess is that they will change the name of the "dsiware" to something else and use it for both. Under features on the e3 site it says this

Pre-Installed Software:

meaning it will definitely have downloadable software.
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User Info: aladdin245

7 years ago#7
Now we need to determine which how they will transfer software from dsi to 3ds, i dont mind loosing the games i have the only one i would really miss would be pictobits, and i would repurchase it for 3ds if it were possible
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