2GB Cart Sizes :)

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User Info: Sp8cemanSpiff

7 years ago#81
Considering the significantly better rendering capabilities of the 3ds when compared to the DS, I'd say you won't see a ton of FMVs to begin with. You can fit a lot of stuff into 2 Gigabytes worth of cartridge space when you don't have to store 8 or more texture passes at high resolutions for every surface. Burnout Paradise, which is a gorgeous racer and even open-word, takes up less than 3 Gigabytes iirc.
Also, since cartridges have significantly shorter access times and faster reading speeds then say, the PSP's notoriously slow UMD drive, there isn't a lot of need to cover up loading times with FMVs either and you can use much more aggressive compression technologies too. Resident Evil 2, which was released on 2 CDs originally, fit onto a single 512 Megabit N64 cartridge (that's like 64 Megabytes)
Regarding flash memory: it's certainly not that expensive anymore and is going to get cheaper and cheaper as time progresses, but it's also very, very slow, especially at large sizes.
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User Info: tispeace

7 years ago#82

From: ss12mario | #075

32GB for cartridges!!?You're must be insane to think it can even reach to that amount with out paying $5,000 dollars per game

lol how old are you?


its not as cheap, but considering how the price of these things lower over the years it's very much possible, although I doubt they'll need the space, even for 16GB carts

I hate to say it but most people in this topic don't even know what they're talking about.

Except the cartridges the Ds uses are much more expensive.Comparing SD cards to that type of Cartridge format the 3DS or even the Ds uses?

User Info: tispeace

7 years ago#83

From: sigistauffen | #081
but it's also very, very slow, especially at large sizes.

I think this is what SgtThom is trying to about larger Cart sizes.
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