The 3ds may not even be avaible in March 2011.

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User Info: joeyxxxx4

7 years ago#1
Well, I don't think it's enough time. The system isn't completed, and developement of the games has just started. So It could come around Holiday 2011, which I would hate so much.

User Info: a_lil_monster

7 years ago#2
What do you mean, just started? They've been working on the KI game for a long time.
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User Info: Ressechu

7 years ago#3
Oh noes. What do without third dimension for less than two thousand?
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User Info: Board_hunter567

7 years ago#4
No, they just announced all those games in the minutes after the reveal, including all those shown in screenshots.

User Info: ultimatex99

7 years ago#5
Just because it was announced today, doesn't mean that developers havent been working on games for a while.

User Info: Flint247

7 years ago#6
Let's just wait and see before we assume.
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User Info: Nomchan

7 years ago#7
Mario Kart and Animal Crossing have at least been in development since 2008. Hardly "just started".
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User Info: tYRE_602

7 years ago#8
Lol, that doesn't mean anything. Just because they officially announced all those games today doesn't mean the 3DS and those games won't be out before March 2011. Besides, didn't Nintendo just say at their conference it will be out BEFORE March 2011?

Prime example, was just watching now David Jaffe showing off Twisted Metal, and he said he's been working on the game for 2 years now. Guess what, he just unveiled it today.
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  3. The 3ds may not even be avaible in March 2011.

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