So what actually happens to the DS come March 2011?

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User Info: XXShadowLinkXX

7 years ago#1
There will literally be no one to play it surely? Depending on the price of course - but come on, how many games have they unveiled that you want on launch day?

And also, I think they will have to up the standards of the Wii capabilities soon, in a year or two. Beucase while the upcoming line-up is great, Nintedo have just shown us that they are waaaayy ahead for the games industry. That 3DS looks like a beast.

On another note - Zelda got delayed until 2011 ... no...
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User Info: Ressechu

7 years ago#2
More Rampant piracy, next question.
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User Info: Pfantzypantz_

7 years ago#3
ill be happy,cuz the prices for the ds will probably plummet,and since i am still yet to have one,ill snag a ds lite on amazon or ebay,and finally play all the games ive been wanting to play.....and since i play imports alot,the 3ds might do the whole backwards compatible import thing that ps3 to ps2 did,so the ds lite will be a must have for me any way.......yay

User Info: eevee12

7 years ago#4
I think that they are shifting their focus to the 3DS now, The only games I want to play on it are Pokemon B/W, dragon quest, and the new mario game. Games I want to play on the 3DS: All of them (apart from resident evil and metal gear solid).

User Info: shadyelf

7 years ago#5
The only games I want for the DS now are:
Mario and Luigi: BIS
Pokemon HG/SS
Pokemon B/W
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