Why the hell would anyone buy this at launch?

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User Info: ExplosiveAFI

7 years ago#31
There will always be new versions of everything coming out. Sitting in your house waiting for the "best" one is going to leave you DS-less and miserly.

I'll get it at launch. Provided someone makes a flash card right quick for it =)
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User Info: Alpha218

7 years ago#32
lol, I've also had a fat DS since launch and even though one of the hinges broke I still use it.

I only care about the games, man! The rest of the stuff is just there to get more money from us.
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User Info: BVCX

7 years ago#33
As if Nintendo is the only company that does this. God you're stupid, Apple is famous for it. MS and Sony are not far behind.

User Info: metroid00700

7 years ago#34
Me, as long as Starfox or Zelda OoT are launch titles. I'd pays millions for 3D portable OoT. Also I actually called it in my E3 Prediction video I made a few weeks back! YAY!
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User Info: BassGSX

7 years ago#35
I won't be getting it at launch until at least a year later simply because of the lack of 3DS titles to choose from. When I bought my DS the initial year of its release, it was not of any use to me until a little more than a year later when more games started to circulate. I was stuck with Super Mario 64 DS game which I only semi-liked, but didn't have much else to choose from for awhile.
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  3. Why the hell would anyone buy this at launch?

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