Release date: Oct 2010 for Japan

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User Info: xk8

7 years ago#11
Also at e3 2004 did they announce a release date or say it would come out by the end of the year?

User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#12
This isn't official at all. It would be nice though
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User Info: tYRE_602

7 years ago#13
It's pretty obvious they're most likely mass producing them as we speak. I mean they already had, what, hundreds of working units at E3?

User Info: Hyrulesaver123

7 years ago#14
I hope it comes out before x-mas so I can get the console and Kid Icarus myself then getting some other big games for x-mas
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User Info: Zekolot

7 years ago#15
You can bet on it being out for the holiday season......

And also it being out of stock in January........
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User Info: Nomchan

7 years ago#16
If it was coming out so soon Nintendo definitely would have said something.
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User Info: BassGSX

7 years ago#17
I wonder why they released the original DS in the US before Japan... Maybe Nintendo's handhelds were popular here in America and they thought the bigger casual gaming population would sell more units beforehand? I really don't understand.
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