Purple and Orange 3DS!

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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

7 years ago#21
I read the topic and imedately wanted purple the most, but they ALL look damn awesome.

Even the orange one.<_<
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User Info: orangecrush3190

7 years ago#22
I will buy this the second it comes out if it is in orange. I'm sort of obsessed with the color orange, and ever since the first DS came out I have wanted an orange one. Then I see the 3DS, and have never been more excited about a system release ever. If it were to come in orange I may die of sheer joy.
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User Info: jackie1st

7 years ago#23
hoping for green
but if not i really like the purple

User Info: linko9

7 years ago#24
I want that orange one. Hope it's a retail color!
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User Info: T-Viral-X

7 years ago#25
I want a army green.

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User Info: AMurderofCrows

7 years ago#26
Gimme purple, plox!
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