what would YOU do to get a 3DS early?

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User Info: Sakurafanboy

7 years ago#1
I'd have sex with Reggie. :V
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User Info: No1etter

7 years ago#2
I'd eat this Klondike Bar

User Info: YoyokuKO

7 years ago#3
i'd wait til the day it's release!

User Info: Kong_Rong

7 years ago#4
I'd give Shigeru, Iwata, Reggie, etc. a Klondike bar...

User Info: Ice_Bowser

7 years ago#5
Sell my.... best friend's soul.
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User Info: Mutilatedpuppet

7 years ago#6
Crash my car, suck a dude's ****, eat some chicken strips.
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User Info: Timohtep

7 years ago#7
crash into the sun
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User Info: The_87_Reaper

7 years ago#8
Steal one of yours.
C.E.O of the New Dawn Corporation

User Info: itsmattknox

7 years ago#9
Sir, talking about that would be a violation of the ToS. Let's just say... it was worth it.

User Info: joeyxxxx4

7 years ago#10
I'd have sex with reggie even if it wasn't for a 3ds......
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  3. what would YOU do to get a 3DS early?

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