Sign if you are getting a 3DS

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User Info: fa113nH3r0

7 years ago#1

EPIC sign...i am stocked for this

I am slowly shifting to being an exclusive portable gamer!

and the graphics are so close to gamecube
PSN Online ID - australasia
XBL gamertag - wolfbiker09

User Info: shadyelf

7 years ago#2

For now...

User Info: ohnooooo

7 years ago#3
pokemon heart gold fc: 4211 6172 3954

User Info: GanonPwnage

7 years ago#4
*Signs on behalf of 99% of the posters on the forum.

User Info: GhostFace977

7 years ago#5
*Signs hugely*
I'm a lone wolf.....So don't try and come along with me.

User Info: Zanimar

7 years ago#6

Will be the first system in my life that I pick up on launch day regardless of the price. I even plan on dragging my friends along and making an adventure out of it, lol.

User Info: Blue_Threat

7 years ago#7
I'll only sign once I have heard/seen the starting lineup :3 -The Lol Song

User Info: shadowaid

7 years ago#8

User Info: DarkSideOfBlue

7 years ago#9
With all the games announced, and even the rumored ones, there's no way I wouldn't get this at launch.

User Info: Richman80

7 years ago#10
*Signs infinitely*
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