C/D: Before today's E3, you thought the 3DS was another crappy gimmick by Ninty

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User Info: Rhodechill

7 years ago#1

Buy boy, was I proven WRONG.
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User Info: Timohtep

7 years ago#2

I was so friggin' excited
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User Info: Robot_Satan

7 years ago#3
Seemed pretty legit to me. But it still went leagues above my expectations.
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User Info: Grunt40

7 years ago#4
"The way IW designed it, the more mentally handicapped you are, the better you play."
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

7 years ago#5

If anything, I was thrown off by how similar it looked to the DS.
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User Info: Arucard05

7 years ago#6
C, and I still do. The 3D aspect at least, everything else is just so freaking yummy.
Our only enemy is the status quo. Our only friend is chaos.

User Info: SSBBisawesome

7 years ago#7

I thought it was just going to be a DS with 3D capabilities, no extra processing power or anything.

Boy was I wrong.
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User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

7 years ago#8

Aside from the 3D, there was nothing remotely gimmicky about the 3DS, unless you're one of those PSP Fanyboys who still views the Touch Screen as a gimmick rather than a legitimate method of control.
I imagine Bethesda's Quality Testing Department a big, dusty room filled with cobwebs, and a chimp wearing a Fez banging on the keyboard of a single computer...

User Info: Awwsome_Turtwig

7 years ago#9

I want one so freaking bad.
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User Info: fire2box

7 years ago#10
C and D

Confirmed in that I thought the 3D wasn't going to be good and would most likely be a window into the game would, rather then the game wourld poping out at me.

Deny, in that I had confidence they could provide 6th generation console graphics ( PS2, Xbox, Gamecube) and they seemingly well have.
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  3. C/D: Before today's E3, you thought the 3DS was another crappy gimmick by Ninty

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