All the 3Ds needs now is Castlevania

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User Info: Rosencroitz

7 years ago#11

From: MasterOtenko | #010
I'd like an actual Castlevania, since we've already had enough of those boringly easy Metroid clones.

Something along the lines of DXC would be nice. Except a completely new game.

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User Info: Insicor

7 years ago#12
It'll get its obligatory three titles.
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User Info: Stefan1277

7 years ago#13
Likely. They've always liked Nintendo's handheld systems. They just threw all the old DS graphics into a blender and served them cold to the 360 as an arcade game, hopefully a sign that they are disposing of all the old stuff for fun and bring new stuff to the 3DS
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  3. All the 3Ds needs now is Castlevania

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