I must buy a 3DS... Here's why...

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User Info: TNF4Life

7 years ago#1
Apperently it's compatible with DS games (my fat DS broke).

Golden Sun can be played on it. (if above is true).

Mario Kart 3DS. If it's anything like Mario Kart Wii then hell yeah! I love that game (going to buy a Wii for it; my bro had one with this game but sold it. Now a black wii is out and I have to buy it along with the exclusives I missed on and upcoming games).

Dead or Alive 3DS. I'm a huge DOA fan and I'm looking forward to this game.

Metal Gear Solid 3DS. The MG series is my favorite gaming series of all time and MGS3 is my second favorite game ever (MGS2 being the first). So I'm pretty damn excited. This game alone makes up over 70% of my decision to buy 3DS.

Yeah that's about it. I'm really excited. I'm gonna look at sone videos to see how non-glasses 3D looks. Either way I'm buying a 3DS. I haven't been this excited over handheld gaming in years. I stopped caring for them a long time ago. Unfortunately I won't buy this system at launch because there's no benefit of being an early adopter. I learned this with GBA, DS, and Xbox 360 (side note: I'm happy with my original PS3 because it has bc eventhough I don't play PS2 games but can come in handy when I want to replay MGS2 or whatever). So yeah you get the idea.

It's definitely a great time for gamers. Gamers are the only winners.

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User Info: AZN_Muffin_2005

7 years ago#2
MK3DS, StarFox64, Ocarina of Time, SSFIV3D, MGS, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, DJ Hero,Bomberman, Gundam and Nintendogs all do it for me.
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User Info: TNF4Life

7 years ago#3
I must be easily impressed eh Muffin?


User Info: Evil_Gogeta

7 years ago#4
All the 3rd Party games have won it for me. I like the 3D aspect of it and everything, plus if it is backwards compatible then the DS would be obsolete and I need to get my hands on some Third Party games!!!
PSN: GuiltyPersona
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User Info: mtdewking3

7 years ago#5
I was a bit skeptical at first but after what Nintendo showed today, there is no doubt for me anymore. this is the real deal and i cant wait to get my hands on it.
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