Corrupt-A-Wish 3DS style.

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User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#11
^ Granted but it's being changed to Paper Mario GTA with a gritty new art style

I wish MegaMan Legends 3 was on 3DS
You know Nintendo's a beast when Sony has a great conference and they poop on them with 2 games - NitemareNS
GT: Ragtag 21

User Info: Guniverse

7 years ago#12
Granted, but it's sold out the week it's released and won't be in stock for three months

I wish I had a 3DS right now along with one of those girls...
PSN: BloodRavenZero
If I was a color, I'd be Lime Green :D

User Info: pichufan2000

7 years ago#13
Granted, she's actually a guy and 3DS is actually a DS Lite with a hinge crack.

I wish for Twinkle Queen 3DS
Nintendo 64 Collector

User Info: jakestar0306

7 years ago#14
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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