Who's also hoping for a later 2010, early 2011 release date?

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  3. Who's also hoping for a later 2010, early 2011 release date?

User Info: Falcen7

7 years ago#1
Because they're broke and need to start saving up again?

User Info: Kiljaboy101

7 years ago#2
later 2010 around November so I can save........
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User Info: sumweeaboo

7 years ago#3
You got me.

User Info: DaniKnite

7 years ago#4
I wouldnt mind it coming out tomorrow! I got a Best Buy credit card that im just itchin to use..
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User Info: I_am_Aaron

7 years ago#5
Didn't Nintendo say that the 3DS would be out during this fiscal year when they announced it? I know companies can't be held to early promises like that. But seeing how far along they were already now at E3 it wouldn't be surprising if it came true.

Although since they haven't announced a release date at E3 yet, I'm betting closer to the end of the fiscal year, so early 2011, rather than in 2010. And that is most likely for a release in Japan rather than North America or anywhere else. So it could be even a holiday 2011 release else where, although I greatly hope not.
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User Info: darknezbeast

7 years ago#6
Didnt The DS come out in America before Japan?
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User Info: Zhacarias

7 years ago#7
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User Info: kangle4

7 years ago#8
in the iwata asks interview with miyamoto, miyamoto says it's finally complete.

i know this doesn't mean it will be out tomoroow but surely it's not too far off then.
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User Info: AndreLeGeant

7 years ago#9
It'll definitely be out this year, I'd say. While recent years have shown that games can sell very well outside of the holiday season, I doubt that Nintendo will want to test that idea with a new system. There are a variety of factors why, most notably (IMO) the tendency for people to gift games as well as systems (or to get gift cards with which they might buy more games).

I imagine that the launch will be a bit sparse, given that such is the trend with every system. I would not be surprised if OoT were the major launch title, along with something like Nintendogs + Cats. Nintendo will want to launch with a casual-friendly title if they want to appeal to that demographic. They've lost a lot of ground to the iPhone and need to make it up. I expect that we'll see some 3DSWare titles at launch too, probably ports of Apps.
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  3. Who's also hoping for a later 2010, early 2011 release date?

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