My wallet wails in agony.

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User Info: NabbyNabs

7 years ago#11

From: ohh42 | #008
^ But what will you do when you go on a long trip? What will you do when a thief steals your big shiny console but doesn't find your small handheld that you keep close to you all the time? What are you gonna do when you're with some hot chick at her apartment and you realize that you are a nerd and you don't want sex you want games? What will you do when zombies force you to leave your house and then you are stuck without entertainment?

Zombie attack. If that argument didn't win a console-lover over, even if only to consider the possibility of playing on a handheld, then I'm sure s/he has a problem.
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User Info: TheRedneck14

7 years ago#12

From: kyle78 | #006
TC, Nintendo needs to stop all their BS, and come out with a better home console and games. This hand held crap just doesn't cut it.Waste f time and money, and cannot truly be taken seriously as a hardcore way of gaming. Tiny little screen deviates from true enjoyability.
All these fancy features and wasted money, when they are better off to be used for something much better.

You are just mad that Microsoft got **** slapped by everyone else during E3.
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  3. My wallet wails in agony.

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