3DS is going to be released in October

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User Info: _games_

7 years ago#1
Only in Japan though

User Info: eevee12

7 years ago#2
Er, yes. We know.

User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#3
Is this confirmed anywhere besides GameFAQs?
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User Info: rockymin

7 years ago#4
I'm betting they will release it in the US for the holidays as well. Kid Icarus lists a Q4 2010 release for US.
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User Info: arcnova

7 years ago#5
yes and kid icarus upriseing is also a wii title not a 3ds title dont get mislead it was shown at e3 as wii title
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User Info: IlikeBacon16

7 years ago#6
^Kid Icarus: Uprising is 3DS only. >_>;

User Info: berndie90

7 years ago#7
It is certainly NOT only for the Wii. I head only for the 3DS as well...

User Info: eli2112

7 years ago#8
LOL what E3 where you on? It was the presentation tittle for the 3DS

User Info: Sarria22

7 years ago#9
TC: Sauce?
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  3. 3DS is going to be released in October

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