Oh pooples! 3DS to be about $300!?

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User Info: pug_wishbone

7 years ago#1

This can't be good D:

User Info: Shuriko

7 years ago#2
it's a gamestop price prediction. it has no meaning whatsoever.
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User Info: KeijiKG

7 years ago#3
1. Price Prediction.
2. Australia
3. EB Games.

Don't just jump at the first thing you see. Nintendo didn't announce a price or a release date. Consider all rumors to be lies until proven true.
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User Info: Yorkster

7 years ago#4
I cant imagine Nintendo making the 3DS more than the Wii
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User Info: KHRZ

7 years ago#5
Games are $100 in Australia, so in US it would be $150
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User Info: the_real_zero

7 years ago#6
DSI XL is 300 here so add like, $25 onto your XL price and thats what I would expect.
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User Info: kenio8187

7 years ago#7
Because it has an Nvidia chip in it, you can expect it to be on the expensive side. Let's just hope that by the time it comes out, the chip will be a lot cheaper to make, and the price drop will help us consumers.
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User Info: MasterChef1121

7 years ago#8
$348 AUS=$300USD only if you use CURRENCY conversion rates

But this is a game, and thus we should look at the game conversion rate
Based on: Pokemon Heartgold: $68 AUS => $40 USD (so US games are about 40/68 or 58% the price of Aussie games)
With that logic: an Aussie predicted price point of $348*0.58=$205

Gee look at that. same common ~200 USD price point

Yes its one sample point, but this logic is much better than having people freak out about a $300 portable console based on random blogging
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User Info: M155L35

7 years ago#9
even if it was 300$ people would buy it and complain about regardless

User Info: M1Astray

7 years ago#10
I imagine eb games got a fairly accurate guess there to be honest, Nintendo don't want to kill this thing by making it comparable price wise to the Wii, so I'd say anywhere between 300-350$ (Australian), that'll keep it under the Wii (400$).

As for the games, given that ds games cost 70$ on average here I'd guess somewhere between the 80-90$ mark, or the 70$ mark and all ds games get a 10-20$ price reduction.
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