Your reaction: 3DS Priced at $100

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User Info: funkyfritter

7 years ago#11
I would buy several and sell them around christmas for profit.

User Info: Sakurafanboy

7 years ago#12
I'd hug Reggie.
Team Gracidea - We live to love!
Proud fan of all that is Shaymin!

User Info: trenken

7 years ago#13
I dont know about $300 like others have said, but I can easily see it at $229, MAYBE $199.

User Info: warmilk

7 years ago#14
I would be able to buy more than 1 game

User Info: Odd_Bob

7 years ago#15
Let's just hope they don't pick up the Sony bug and want $400+ for it.
"Playing solitaire 'til dawn with a deck of fifty-one..."

User Info: Blue_Threat

7 years ago#16
I'd question if its durable or not @ _@ -The Lol Song
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