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User Info: Pioldes

7 years ago#1
I hope they don't screw up on this, 'cause no loading times are fun, but with detailed 3d games like this, it'll be really easy to run out of space... I mean, Peace Walker on the PSP has comic cutscenes mostly because of space issues, and it's on a UMD...

That's the only thing that bothers me.
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User Info: MyDogSkip

7 years ago#2
The cards at launch will be bigger than UMDs.
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User Info: xoftheuniverse

7 years ago#3
aren't they now like 2 gig cards?
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User Info: TediousMatt

7 years ago#4
2 GB cartridges (at launch), that's more than UMD's. What was a UMD max, about 1.8 GB right?
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User Info: FirePaperMario

7 years ago#5
There's PLENTY of space PLENTY
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User Info: Kurisu_bm

7 years ago#6
They will probably add double-size carts in te future, resulting in 4GB file size. That's almost the size of a regular PC game.

User Info: Chargrilled

7 years ago#7
no noise. less wear and tear. less battery consumption. faster loading times.

i wouldnt trade cartridges in for anything at all.

User Info: Pioldes

7 years ago#8
Yeah, but aren't big-sized cartridges way more expansive?

I mean,

100 of them



I KNOW the games won't be on SD cards, but that's as close as a game cartridge that you can actually check out the price. You gotta admit, it's really expansive, compared to DVDs.
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User Info: MasterOtenko

7 years ago#9
Yes, it is very expansive, that's why they're using them. Expansion is a good thing.
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User Info: weeedin

7 years ago#10
SD cards are Flash not ROM.
Game cartridges use ROM.
ROM cheaper than flash, much cheaper
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