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User Info: damane1

7 years ago#1
i had an eye injurey when i was little and can only see out of my left eye can i stil see the screen in 3d?

User Info: MyDogSkip

7 years ago#2
No :(
Don't trust the smiling penguin!
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User Info: HybridSniper

7 years ago#3
Nope :(

User Info: damane1

7 years ago#4
well thats just not fair oh well

User Info: Scribblenaut

7 years ago#5
My condolences, man. Though it should still be playable, with the 3D Slider

User Info: darkzero297

7 years ago#6
Unfortunately no, 3d effects tend to utilize manipulation of both eyes. I don't believe that it will be important though, just an effect and nothing else.

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