Why is everyone so hyped?

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User Info: CrazyIvan606

7 years ago#1
I just don't want to have to buy a new system just so Nintendo can release ANOTHER gimmick. That's all they've really done with their past systems. They've made huge promises, but never really delivered.

Just to remind everyone, here's a rundown of the past launches.

DS - TWO screens and a touch interface. - Probably their best idea so far, but the two screens was really useless. I don't think I've played one game on the DS where both screens were necessary, and not something that could've been in a start menu. Touch control was awesome, but almost was never integrated very well. Not to mention, most games that required constant stylus and button/d-pad input were terribly uncomfortable to play, a giant negative for a PORTABLE console.

Wii - "Good" SD graphics and precise motion control - I think the release of the Wii Motion Plus says a lot about the "precise motion control" they were offering, and the graphics are much worse than what they were showing at the Wii Launch. While the Wii has some good Gems, I just find myself disappointed. I went from ToS:Dawn of the New World, to playing Megaman Command Mission for Gamecube, and couldn't believe that there was a 5-6 year gap between when those games came out, because they were practically equal in quality.

3DS - 3D interface and "good" graphics - I think everyone is going to be disappointed in the graphics when it comes out, and the 3D is just going to be a complete gimmick. And just like every other system they've launched, there's no real new ideas. Just reboots of old games, and ports from older systems. Hell, they're trying to panhandle StarFox 64 as a big thing. It's just sad, because they've tried to make a decent StarFox game for so long now, and they can't, so they just decide "Screw it, we'll release the old one on a new system and people will buy it up because it was a good game when it came out and it's got 3D now."
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User Info: zillazero

7 years ago#2
Party pooper.

"All of the battles are based on actual real battles that took place in Japanese history... so here we have this Giant Enemy Crab."

User Info: Lost_Seraph09

7 years ago#3
So you're saying we shouldn't get hyped for ANY brand new console?

User Info: LastWindow

7 years ago#4
It's about the games, man. I'm hyped for a new Kid Icarus and all of the other awesome games planned.

User Info: gundamdragonque

7 years ago#5
your twisted logic is that of an immature egotistic brat- naoto (persona 4)
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User Info: Ices100

7 years ago#6
This guys life is just that boring.

User Info: KogaSteelfang

7 years ago#7
Actually, those points would be much more effective if you didn't come off so condescending.

It's a new console, doing something that has never been done in gaming before. Since when do new consoles and new concepts of graphics/gameplay not something to be hyped about?
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User Info: TediousMatt

7 years ago#8
ToS:Dawn of the New World was a low budget game that was created as a spin-off. In Japan it was marketed as a budget title, here they marketed it like it was a new Tales game equal to Vesperia (the game the Namco 'Tales of' team put all their budget in). Not a fair comparison. :|

Besides, this system is getting new games (not only ports) and it already has an excellent third party support announced. It's not like we're all "Its 3D!!! Gotta buy it, now!!". :P
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User Info: RayHorak

7 years ago#9
I am not pumped so much for the console or 3d as much as the lineup they had with REs Evil and Metal Gear. The 3D has gameplay enhancing and immersing potential but how that fares will show when I have one on hands.

With this I am still pumped due to the fact the DEVS love the system.

User Info: rightarmiron

7 years ago#10
It also, if memory serves, has an accelerometer/motion sensing jazz. I can't remember if they said rumble? Probably not.

DS: Two screens, touch screen interface

DSi: All of the above, and two cameras, DSi store

3DS: All of the above, except one of the cameras can take 3d, major graphical boost, motion sensing, increased online capabilities, oh, and 3d.

Yea man, I don't see why anyone would get hyped over that.
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