Resident Evil 4 3D!

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User Info: -EvilSoul-

7 years ago#1
We know it's coming but when? When!?

User Info: Electrium

7 years ago#2
If ever, it'll be after Capcom finishes the new Resident Evil title they're working on.
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User Info: Chargrilled

7 years ago#3
no idea, but spooky games in 3d are going to be great. real jump out your seat stuff as things seemingly leap out the screen at you.

cant wait.

User Info: fire2box

7 years ago#4
I don't think I'll buy it on the 3DS.. I own the Wii verison and thats enough.. I don't really care if it's in 3D or not.. same with star fox.

though getting a chainsaw shoved though your neck in 3D would be a bit scary.

User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

7 years ago#5
When was RE4 3D announced? First I've heard of this.
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User Info: Ribbercage93

7 years ago#6
I heard their playing Resident Evil on the 3DS at E3 but I dont know what their playing? God I hope its RE4
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User Info: -Jammo-

7 years ago#7
George Bush doesn't care about Ewoks!
I got warned for spoiling in a message that stated that it was a fake spoiler. LOLmods...

User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#8
Well right now there is a NEW RE coming out on 3DS that has Chris Redfield in it.
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