Region Locked?

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User Info: Apple_3-14

7 years ago#1
There probably isn't any evidence at all, whether it is or isn't region locked >.>
But you know, just asking to see if there is.
Never ASSUME anything, for it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

User Info: Sarick_Lyre

7 years ago#2
I can't say anything.

Your post is asking me to ASSUME something. Your sig tells me not to.

User Info: sumweeaboo

7 years ago#3
I hope not.

User Info: Apeman1813

7 years ago#4
It most likely will be. I hear DSi enhanced games are region locked.
No one agrees with you. This is GameFAQs. Even if people really do agree with you, they still don't. - Thunder_Armor

User Info: Gencoil

7 years ago#5
Aw man, I hope not. Otherwise my importing days are over... :/ | Contra Database - | PSN ID: Gencoil

User Info: Black_Assassin

7 years ago#6
My guess is if people can't play their legally bought, imported games on their legally bought consoles, they'll just equip their eye patches. Good choice, Nintendo.

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