The 3DS's processing power is...

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User Info: Manokadobo

7 years ago#11
Look at the shots for the Resident Evil game. Probably the only things holding them from looking as good as Resident Evil 5 itself are the polygon count and texture resolution. Considering that it has to render everything 2x for 3D, if ever a game sacrificed 3D for power, it could easily look similar to PS3/360, at least during cutscenes.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

7 years ago#12
Well, for PC's I read that it takes about 2.7 times more power to render stuff in 3D. The texture detail seems high for the 3DS, but the amount of polygons it can push seems to be around Dreamcast-PS2 level. Could be in between, slight worse, or a bit better. Though if the RE5 tech-demo and the Splinter Cell: CT screens are accurate, it should be able to push at least as much polygons as the original XBox.

Considering the Original XBox, in terms of graphical potential, is about the same as the Wii... we can conclude from this that the 3DS should be 2-3 times more powerful than the Wii... if the resolution was the same. A lower resolution costs less processing power, but even with the same size the 3DS still might be able to perform almost on-par, or slightly worse than the Wii. So... no doubt the 3DS is more powerful than the Wii. How much? Probably 1.5-2 times. The kind of processing power it has is not that special though. With current technology, much better should be possible for a portable these days, and the Wii has pretty much outdated hardware.

PS3 and Xbox 360 are about 20 times more powerful than an Xbox, so that's still a significant gap. But the 3D processing takes a lot of power, and it prolly can't be used to just make a non-3D game with very good graphics. However, with new, smart programming techniques it may be possible to push graphics on the screen that could rival Xbox 360 and PS3 games. You'd still notice big difference if you were to make detailed comparisons though.

As for the price... I don't see it going for less than $200. But not for more than $250. I don't see why some people have trouble believing Nintendo won't ask more for it than the Wii. It's a damn portable device with graphics that can certainly compare to Wii graphics, and it has a touch-screen, gyroscope and 3D graphics.
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User Info: mark_1982

7 years ago#13

From: ohh42 | #007
I said "rumored" to be "pushing" PS3/360 processing power.

Unless you started the rumor you're still wrong.

User Info: Damaged7

7 years ago#14
When Crysis 2 was being displayed and shown in 3D....they made a point to mention that the 3D version running was NOT taking up any considerable amount of extra power or resources to run the 3D as opposed to regular 2D.

So i would think that pushing 3D content on the handheld, a handheld specifically designed for the 3D won't be a problem.

Also, most people who have actually got to see the thing in action...have said its comparable to "Wii" power....not 360/PS3....which is still pretty damn good for a handheld.
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User Info: Ramforinkas

7 years ago#15

From: ohh42 | #002
The 3DS is rumored to be pushing PS3/360 power.

That would be awesome, but that's just obviously not going to happen.
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User Info: Wetterdew

7 years ago#16
It could probably make better-looking pictures if it tried in 2d--that way it wouldn't have to work on getting two perspectives of the same picture -->better graphics and sound.
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User Info: reddentheskies

7 years ago#17

Game companies can make cutscenes look as good as they want, no matter what system. Because cutscenes are not affected by user interaction, they can be rendered before the game is released, and stored in the game as a series of pictures, like any movie you watch on a dvd player. The better the processing power, the more can be render per second. This is less important in cutscenes, and more important in gameplay, where things must be rendered as quickly as they happen.

User Info: ryan0991

7 years ago#18
Are people really still spreading that "the 3DS is just as powerful as 360/PS3" crap?

It's not that powerful or even close to that powerful. End of story.

With that kind of power, cooling would become an issue.
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User Info: ZASZ21K

7 years ago#19
also have to remember that the video that they showed was meant to be on a 3.5 inch screen
not a 35 foot one.
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