Do you think the 3DS could run Wind Waker?

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User Info: kodfish36

7 years ago#1
'cause I'd rather see that than OoT. <_<
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User Info: -EvilSoul-

7 years ago#2
If they can have MGS3 and Street Fighter IV, why not?

User Info: Wetterdew

7 years ago#3
Agreed about rather seeing WW than OoT.
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User Info: R0yledge777

7 years ago#4
But what about MM?
Look a little closer.
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User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#5
While I disagree about seeing OOT instead of WW (and don't see how the hell you could want this), I believe it wouldn't be as hard as putting MGS3 on it, so yes I think it's a possibility
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User Info: tYRE_602

7 years ago#6
Considering a Zelda akin to Wind Waker looked excellent on the DS, I doubt the 3DS wouldn't be able to match it.
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User Info: kodfish36

7 years ago#7
But what about MM?

I would love to see that one too. The way I see it is OoT has been re-released multiple times and MM was re-released once as far as I know. To the best of my knowledge, WW has never been re-released so what better wat to do it than in 3D?
I am a man. Did you think I was a woman?

User Info: Sir_Edward

7 years ago#8
The game was only 1.35 GB so it's possible to have it on the card and run it with the hardware but I doubt they'll port it over. I also doubt the 3DS would be able to emulate gamecube anyways so... I doubt we'll see portable wind waker on this system
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User Info: rytango

7 years ago#9
Majora's Mask more than anything I'd like to see in 3d.

User Info: Chronoman17

7 years ago#10
I'd actually prefer MM port over OOT port. I've played both, MM from a friend and OOT on the Gamecube port. I just had more fun in MM. Particularly the sidequests and dungeons (Quality, not Quanity).

As for WW, It's between MM and OOT for me, but I wouldn't complain if they released it for 3DS. Heck, I'm not complaining about OOT.
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